Why do I get mad so easily

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Getting mad easily is a common occurrence, and it happens when your emotions take over. You need to control the anger, though. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-get-mad-so-easily ]
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Why do I get mad so easily?
Sometimes when someone has upset us we take it out on the people that love us the most. Because we know what ever we say to them they will forgive us and forget — unconditional love. You were disappointed in your hair cut and took it out o…
Why do I get SO mad, SO easily?
You sound like you suffer post trauma syndrome with your mention of smells and so forth triggering memories. I got and still suffer the same and it take quite a bit to push it out of my way and not let the past control my life. You dont nee…
What do think I get mad so easily?
I think it’s really healthy that you recognise that you’re getting mad over small / irrelevant things. A lot of people wouldn’t admit that – they’d argue that everyone else was in the wrong, and get really bitter about it. I think recognisi…

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Why is it that I get really mad easily and freak out?
Q: If something upsets me I get REALLY upset. I freak out, I want to punch things, like I need a punching bag. And I also start to cry, panic. Sometimes I have panic/anxiety attacks. Why is this?
A: I HAVE the SAME PropleM iTS PROBALY nORMAL ITS JUST CUZ WE HAVE Alot of stress on us cuz ive got alot of stress build up and thats exactly what i wanna do and it could be proplems if its that yur stress than thats why u doing it…
why do friends get mad easily?
Q: my friend gets really mad easily when i do sumthin like hit or u knw joke around but if my other friend does sumthin 2 her then she just u knw plays back. i keep wondering why she does this? then sumtimes i feel left out.
A: well she it sounds like to me that she is being mean. I have delt with this with one of my friends and it seemed when i would do something it was the worst thing ever but her-our other friend did it it was funny or whatever. Basically i would jsut stop playing around with her and not really pay any attention to her. I actually stoped being friends with her because i was sick of the way i was being treated. You shouldnt have to put up with that at all so i would just ignore her and do your own thing
Why does she get mad so easily?
Q: So my friend gets mad at every small thing I do wrong and it could be something so insignificant as hearing her wrong. Of course I dont say anything, I apologize for whatever it was she got mad at so I dont risk a big fight over nothing. Can anyone tell me why she acts like this? Ive had things thrown at me from her getting mad. I dont know if its just me that makes her mad or what. But she is always angry with me at some point during the day it seems like. Am I doing something wrong?
A: how about giving both of you some space?
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