Why do i get so sad

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Most of the time, sadness is because of a loss or separation,a change or disappointment about something, or relationship problems. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-i-get-so-sad ]
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Why do you get so sad?
We get sad if something in our world changes for the worst we get sad if a loved one dies. We need to cry it is a way of life and sometimes I am sitting in my room reading and I start to cry. I cry in a lot of movies and books. Some people …
Why Does Love Got To Be So Sad?
Cuz if it weren’t, there’d be no Dolly Parton songs.
I failed a school test…SO SAD NOW…how do I get over it??
wow, you are really overreacting over this well here in MN( in seventh grade) i freaked out everytime i got a C and thought it would ruin my chances getting into a good school then i found out it didn’t matter, what matters is that you lear…

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Why do you feel sad when theres nothing to be sad about sometimes?
Q: Sometimes I just get sad all the sudden when my life is going good.Why does this happen, what’s the reason?
A: Since you put it under mental, there is nothing wrong with a mental review by the psychiatrist. For a woman, it could be hormonal.
Why do some people feel funny which others feel sad when they sees the same picture?
Q: One thing I can’t understand.Some miserable things which happened on others make some people feel superior, then make them laugh, which make some people feel sad. For example, find a picture on the Internet, I may feel funny when I sees the picture but my friend may feel sad when she sees the picture.Why? How to explain this psychological phenomenon?No, when I feel it is funny, that’s because it gives me a feeling of superiority.I feel superior when I see the picture.
A: different persons have different perspectivesthis picture ( or thing ) may remind you -or be related in your mind- with something that was good for you so you feel happyand the same thing may remind -or be related to in your friend’s mind- her with something bad so she feels sadfor example … there is a certain level of green color, reminds me of an operation i had … which was too painful for meand the same color may remind you with the color of your friend’s first date’s dress … so it makes me sad and makes you happy. ( and so happens in pictures )
Why is it easier to be sad and depressed then happy and joyful?
Q: Usually I would be sad or bothered much more often than being happy, and I noticed, its not just me, but people in general, why is that? Does it take more energy to be happy? Is it our own perspective and outlook of life?
A: Nice question. I think fundamentally its because people are lost in life, and this in particularly applies to the western world. People in India for example are generally so much happier than any western country I know, yet they have so few possessions and live in much less privileged conditions than us.I think here in the west our focuses are misplaced.
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