Why do most girls have insecurities

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Some think women are insecure due to their smaller size, but in modern society, that should not matter, so it may not be the case. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-most-girls-have-insecurities ]
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Why do all girls have insecurities?
i am pretty sure BOTH men and women have some sort of insecurity issue whether small or large
How to start cocky on girl’s insecurities, what are girls insecur…?
Ok in order to be cocky David Deangelo explains it best by saying you take an arrogant comment then …
What can we do to help teen girls build self-esteem, overcome ins…?
Above all, young girls need unconditional love from their parents. If they are not getting love and approval from their parents, they are going to be seeking it elsewhere. Also, our society needs to stop glorifying the “anorexic look”…

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Why are politics tied into a girls insecurities? Dorothy and Alice.?
Q: Dorothy (Wizard of Oz) and Alice (In Wonderland) seem to be the same. I’ve never seen them in the same place together. They both are young girls. They both have been ‘led’ to a fictional world inside themselves populated with representations of doubt within themselves. They both are trying to find their way home. Alice was political, and Dorothy could be argued that as well. What makes a young girls insecurities so easily represented by politics?
A: Wow, whatever you’re smoking it’s rotting your brain.
Why do all girls have insecurities?
Q: Every girl i’ve gotten to know properly always has some kind of insecurity, even the ones who I initially saw as very strong characters I later see their insecurities when I get to know them more.. why?Not every is insecure… Most people find their insecurities then tackle them or face or acceot them and they no longer bother them. But people who show their insecurities aren’t tackling them.
A: i am pretty sure BOTH men and women have some sort of insecurity issue whether small or large
Why do some guys pick on girls’ insecurities?
Q: My boyfriend makes offensive comments on my appearance sometimes, by saying crap like, “yeah, you should get a padded bra because your boobs need a lift.” wtf?? Or he’ll imply that I eat too much. Or he’ll insinuate that I’m jealous of my cousin’s pretty wife because I don’t remember her name. I consider myself an attractive woman despite my flaws because I have been told by many men that I am attractive, but for some reason my bf wants to make me self conscious. Now that I’m a little self conscious because of his comments, he’s now complimenting me. Can someone please tell me what is going on?? Why does he like to make me insecure?? I DON’T GET IT!!I mean, I know I’m not perfect…I’m not super thin, but I’ve been told that I’m attractive..I just hate how he does this..
A: Your BF makes this type of comments because he is very insecure about himself, you might want to find another BF he is a loser
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