Why do people cry of joy

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Crying is an expression of great emotion. Normally, our greatest emotions are grief and sorry but sometimes they can be happiness. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-cry-of-joy ]
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Why do people cry in sadness and in joy
I feel like a very wealthy man today, even though I don’t have much money and I take too many risks. I cried tears of joy this morning and it felt so sweet. When you make something with your very own hands and give it to people you love, no…
Do you ever start crying tears of joy?
I cry when I see people helping other people in need. I think its beautiful.
How do you know if someone cries, they shed tears of joy or sorro…?
“Without sounding overly simplistic-I think I would just ask them : )” Whether you feel you can approach close enough to offer an arm to lean on, or just sitting near, you may ask,”Is there anything I can do to help?” Mo…

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Why do people cry out of joy?
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A: Because they’re so overwhelmed with feeling that they gotto release it somehow, so it comes out as tears.:’ )
why did they cry …Imagine my joy when I was putting away the Christmas decorations and?
Q: found a present I forgot to give my kids last year. Their excited faces were a picture as they unwrapped it and opened the box.Such a pity it was a puppy.
Why do women cry at weddings, i was watching a show and some of the women were crying, is it from joy?
Q: i know i’m going to get the dumb jokes with this question.so is it from happiness or something else?
A: It’s the beauty of the wedding. It’s the happiness they feel for their friend or relative getting married. And it’s for the fact that they know the bride will live happily ever after. The whole thing is so emotional for women.
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