Why do people cry when they are sad or hurt

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Humans are a social species, and emotions are run mainly by hormones. This triggers our senses, and causes us to express ourselves [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-cry-when-they-are-sad-or-hurt ]
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Do Cats Cry When They Are Sad Or Hurt?
They may not cry tears as we humans do but they do experience loss of lifelong mates including humans that die or have to give the animal up. They know pain and suffering as well and show signs of it as well. They can become depressed and l…
Does it hurt my baby when I am sad or crying??
Though it is true that babies can sense stress and different emotions, do not worry about it permanently affecting your baby. With my first child, I was being abused and with my second, I was going through a divorce. I have amazing and happ…

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Why do people cry when they’re HAPPY?
Q: I understand why someone would cry when sad or hurt or frustrated. But why cry when really happy?
A: It is a reaction to being overwhelmed.
Why do we cry when we are sad or hurt?
Q: Why do we? Please answer back. Put it in kid terms though.
A: Haha, interesting question.Here is a bit more technical answer.http://www.gibbsmagazine.com/CryinLaughing.htm Basically, it has to do with certain parts of the brain switching on when we feel a strong emotion. When those parts of the brain switch on, they stimulate the tear glands.
why does the heart hurt when you cry or feel sad?
Q: what chemical goes through the body to do that>?even if you dont move any muscle on your body the heart can feel like someon squeezes on it.
A: It’s not hormones that cause that certain pain. When you cry, you use your thoracic muscles. When contracted over periods of time, it feels equivalent to a muscle burn (like when you’ve been lifting weights). However, I don’t know why you feel it so much stronger on the left side than on the right.
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