Why do people fail

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That is a loaded question, because people do not fail, they quit. A bridge or a piece of equipment might fail but it does not quit [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-fail ]
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Why do some people fail to think about tomorrow?
Q: Small steps lead to large goals such as a home or a good job. Why do some people fail to think about tomorrow?
A: Because we don’t know what’s gonna happen tomorrow, we tend to focus on today. Personally, I like learning from the past, applying in the present and planning for the future.People who only care about the present, miss the big picture. Whatever you do today, will make up what will be tomorrow. If you don’t start planning for the future, it’s gonna become the present and the past really fast and it’ll be like living life carelessly.why do some people not think about tomorrow?I think they don’t wanna set goals because they’re afraid to fail. I think they don’t wanna plan because they think they’re gonna be deceived. I think they don’t think about the future because they don’t know if they’re gonna die tomorrow.Come to think about it, the future is a few seconds away. If I keep my room organized, when I try to find something in my room in the future, I will find it. That’s how the present affects the future directly.Bottom line, tomorrow is not guaranteed.But I still plan for it.
Why do so many people want to see Barack Obama fail?
Q: I don’t know why so many people want our next president to fail. If he fails, we all do. Why would you wish something bad upon yourself, your family, and other Americans?
A: Yeah like my friend really wanted McCain to win because she is so anti abortion. Now she wants Obama to suffer and fall apart. Like you said if he fails we fail. I believe it to be more like if he fails, then we suffer, which is almost worse. like George Bush failed and look where we are now. Obama is in a tough position and he needs to succeed. I wish Barack Obama the best of luck! Besides he is not a stupid man, and there is a good chance that he won’t fail, because the next step lower is like depression.
Why are people so confident that Tebow will fail in the NFL?
Q: I agree that he’d fail IF he tried to import his exact style into the NFL. He’d get plastered because of the way he tries to move around; NFL linemen are a lot faster and stronger than their college counterparts.But – why do people assume Tebow can’t learn and adapt to a different style, and become more of a precision passer than a guy who likes to rush out of the pocket?What will his Wonderlic score be?
A: Tebow is an option/running QB. He is not a great “passing QB”.The NFL is a drop back league. Tebow can’t read Defenses and pass, like say a Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan came from BC which runs a very pro-style offense, hence his immediate success.Tebow would be like a Vince Young. He’d be a better Tight End than QB at the NFL level. He’s big and fairly good at running the ball.Tebow won’t cut it in the Pros.
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