Why do people feel fear

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Fear is needed for survival. If we did not fear anything, we would not take caution when walking across the street or other things [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-feel-fear ]
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Why do people feel fear?
You are not supposed to “fear” anyone but God. But, I think we fear certain situations because of something we are all born with called Self-Preservation, which is the instinctive desire to preserve one’s own life and safety.
What does fear FEEL like?
How do you know when you are afraid? Most people don’t even know when they’re walking in fear. Why is that? Well, you probably learned a very long time ago how to stuff those feelings because there really wasn’t anything you could do ab…
Why do we feel fear?
Fear is what keeps us alive. The fight or flight response (what happens when you get scared) is the basic survival response of all cognitive animals. When you are threatened, you need to react to stay alive, so we (meaning animals) have dev…

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Why some people feel fear to speak infront of others and try to hide them selvs than expressing whatthey feel?
Q: expressing our feeling to people is wise to handle information.But most of the time people loss this abilit because they fear to speak out.
A: I think this just started in the late 90`. people don`t have the trust in people anymore. when you can tell someone something and they don`t shoot you our get someone to do something to you. times has chaged so bad i just look and keep on going.
What causes me to still have nightmares about abusive ex? Why do I think I see him around town and feel fear?
Q: I still have nightmares about an abusive ex. It’s been over 6 years since that all happened, I have happily remarried and moved on. I really thought I worked my issues out regarding that horrible experience, so I don’t get why his memory still haunts my dreams.In the dreams it is usually a similar scenario, he locates me where I am living and is plotting to kill me…at some point he and I are face to face and he’s smiling as to not alert me that he is there to do harm and I feel compelled to act as though I do not know he has been watching me or is going to kill me because I do not want to set him off…I act casual so that I can escape the situation and plot a way to find safety. Sometimes he shoots me in the end and I die real slowly, at times I don’t die, but I rarely escape him and his anger.In real life I mistake other men for being him sometimes like in stores. And I feel this fear until I realize it is not him.Is this normal? How long does this sort of thing usually last?I do not live in fear of him everyday or anything like that. I am a pretty well rounded person and one who strives to face life and deal with things in a healthy way. It’s mainly my dreams that he is able to still haunt.
A: post traumatic stress disorder. medication and therapy. some think EMDR may help…read more, here’s a link:http://panicdisorder.about.com/od/ptsd/PostTraumatic_Stress_Disorder_PTSD.htm
So why do So Many People feel Fear?
Q: With all the things going on in the World are you able to stand Strong and Not tremble? For instance the when you hear of Terror Alerts, do you become Fearful? Or do you have that Peace that surpasses All Underdstanding? Do you feel Fear?If so by what or by whom? The Lord tells us Not to Fear, and not to be anxious over anything…..We have nothing to Fear but Fear Itself……..So do you ever feel Fearful?
A: To be honest, I think it’s human nature to feel fear. I know the Lord Jesus Christ as my Savior, but sometimes our human nature comes through. That isn’t to say that I love God any less, but that I am human. I used to fear death, but don’t anymore. I know where I’m going when I die.
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