Why do people have mood swings

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While it is difficult to pinpoint one specific cause of mood swings, researchers have proposed several options, including..more? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-have-mood-swings ]
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because the hormons inside of your body are going crazy and that can cause you to be happy,sad,angry,or other feelings for no good reazon which are mood swings.
Cause youre a teenager and yes. Puberty causes mood swings. But the situations you described are not mood swings. Mood swings are when you change between happy and sad and that kinda thing. What youre describing is just what happens when yo…
After reading about the causes of mixed and unwanted emotions you may have built an idea about the possible causes for bad moods, but what may still be unclear is why your mood happened to change at that particular moment. Your mind is alwa…

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How Come feeling sad makes me feel good? Why do people have mood swings? Is it normal to have it often?
A: Sometimes people test their feelings. They think of a scenario and see how they react to it in their mind, like a parent or sibling’s death. If this hypothetical situation upsets them (makes them cry, makes them realize they do care about that person even though they have had a falling out with them, etc) then this proves to them that they are capable of being sad about that situation. That is an instance in which I can think of that is not unusual. If you are under 20, mood swings aren’t unusual as your hormones (even males) are trying to find their appropriate levels. But if you are have mood swings from one extreme to the other, I would ask your parents to have you talk to a professional, just in case you may need some help leveling the chemicals (hormones) out. If you are over 20, please find a professional to talk to. Whether the problem is depression, bipolar disease, etc, it all can be corrected with medication (chemicals) because these diseases are caused by chemical imbalances. The worst thing you can do to yourself and your family is to ignore the problem or think you can fix it yourself. It is a disease just like diabetes, and you wouldn’t neglect yourself of insulin if you needed it, right? Good luck to you.
Why do people have mood swings? What does it feel like to have them?
A: There are a number of reasons that people have mood swings from diet to mental disorders such a bipolar disorder or even from stress or hormone imbalances. Mood swings are a miserable feeling to go through because you may start out feeling pretty good and high spirited and within a short time you change to feeling depressed and overwhelmed, even lonely. The worst mood swings probably come from bipolar disorder when it is untreated. My Mom and Brother are both bipolar and once they found the right combination of medications that worked for them they leveled off and the mood swings were much fewer and further in between. If bipolar is untreated the moods go from grandiose highs, lots of energy, being impulsive to very dark, gloomy, sad, mournful and even suicidal feelings. Most people with bipolar say that when they are having a manic high they feel really good but a manic low is the darkest place one can go. They can also exhibit anger during these mood swings as well as sexual promiscuity and shopping sprees.Other types of mood swings caused from hormone imbalances or hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) are not nearly as severe as bipolar but can still be very frustrating to the person experiencing them and the people they live and work with. I would say it feels like you are changing from one person to another, from happy to angry & from feeling good to feeling faint and weak all within minutes of each other and that is very taxing on a person’s mind, body and self esteem, not to mention the people around them.
why do people who quit drinking and smoking experience depression and mood swings?
A: Because depending on the level of their addiction, they are experiencing anywhere from moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms not to mention the monumental effort it would take to remain clean. Both alcohol and cigarette usage affect brain function (that’s why you get addicted to them) and overcoming that can lead to other temporary issues such as depression and mood swings. And given the withdrawal symptoms that a person would be going through, it would have to affect their mentality as well as their physical being. Fortunately, after a while, things will even out and the person will feel better. They may never completely lose the desire to smoke or drink, but it gets easier, their mood will level out and their outlook will be more positive.
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