Why do people have problems

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People have problems because of their family & society, & they don’t have the resources to help themselves. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-have-problems ]
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To night I am asking why me? I am tired of fighting the cholesteral build up and having to start doing activities to help myself.
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Why do British people fix American problems on reality shows?
Q: Tabitha Salon Take OverHells kitchen Nightmaresthose Nanny Showsetc.i’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but does anyone else knows this?
A: I don’t know about the others, but Gordon Ramsay fixes bad restaurants because he is a world renowned chef, this is his area of expertise, and is the head chef of one of London’s finest high-brow restaurants.
Why are people attracted to others with problems?
Q: Why are some people attracted to others with problems or issues? Such as some guys say they are attracted to girls with problems and vise versa. Some people just happen to pick others for a relationship that have problems but didn’t show it at first. Could someone be “subconciously” attracted to them because of their personal issues and not even know it? Just looking for some answers from a psychological point of view. Thanks 🙂
A: Yeah I did it for years. I then coined this action as “a rescuer” meaning I like to rescue women. Even my now wife was riddled with problems. I think I was more attracted to the problems then to the women. This isn’t a necessarily good quality because some people can’t be rescued and now the relationship doomed from the beginning . Well we all have problems so best wishes to all.
Is Louisiana really a good state to live in? And why do people try running away from their problems?
Q: Some people try running from their problems,but they end up with even more problems sometimes. Why is that? I wonder about such things.
A: I don’t know about Louisiana, I was only there for a few days back in 1969, but I think people run away from their problems in one form or another (booze, drugs, food) because it’s easier than dealing with them. The problem is, when you sober up the problems are still there so you may as well deal with them in the first place.
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