Why do people like to be scared

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The hormonal reaction we humans get from responding to a threat or crisis is what motivates us to “like to be scared”. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-like-to-be-scared ]
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Why do some people like to be scared?
Human beings are the only creature on this planet that has the ability to scare itself! Cool huh? As for the being scared causes a release of chemicals that make us “feel” … totally on spot. But the root lies in why do we c…
Now I’m scared. How do I know if I’ll like it??
Relax. We’ve got pages of students who were at first apprehensive about the class, but enrolled and say that it’s the best money they ever spent. You can find out how our students did in class here .
Weeks pregnant, pain (like needle through something) on my left s…?
ok – heres what that pain was for me (i have gone thru a previous miscarriage also) it was a cyst in the ovary from the release of the egg that got fertilized. these pains were from early until about 10 weeks or so. it could be other reason…

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Report on wolverines – Why people are scared of wolverines?
Q: I need help to do a one paragraph on why people are scared of wolverines. Has to explain things like:Why are people frightened of wolverines?Is a wolverine a wolf?Why are people scared of wolverines?Please help?Best paragraph wins 10 pts!
A: We are scared of wolverines,a s they are small, savage animals
Why exactly do people get scared & start freaking out when they get Anxiety chest pains?
Q: What is it that makes people get scared & fear of dieing when they are getting chest pains due to cause they suffer from Anxiety? why do chest pains make you feel this way?!
A: Your talking about Panic Attacks. A real panic attack makes you hyperventilate hence you get pains, feel like you can not breath, dizziness and pins & needles in your feet and hands, so the more you panic the worse it gets. Its call the Flight and Fear response, from the Cave Man days when it gave him the adrenaline to run from screaming beasts or whatever. I was convinced I was having a Stroke. I thought I’d been having them for about 7 years but then i had what I call a real one and it was bad. It’s feels very physical and is an chemical imbalance in your brain mainly caused by too much stress. Hence the anxiety tablet help sort out the chemical level.
why are some people more scared of scary movies then others?
Q: me and my friend watched the grudge the other day and i was so scared with my head in a pillow and she just sat there watching and wasn’t even scared, i’m scared of ALL scary movies even scary movie which is just taking the mick and other people can just watch them.Why is this???I’m just interested.I do understand that scary movies but its just when its dark and music’s building up and stuff and then that girl on the grudge is so freaky!!
A: It depends on what particular things, sights, or sounds a person has developed a fear of or irrational reaction to, as well as how much one has desensitized oneself to horror films by watching a greater volume of horror films than other people.
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