Why do people only remember some dreams

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Some people naturally remember their dreams; many of us, however, lose our ability to recall our dreams as we grow older. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-only-remember-some-dreams ]
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Why do we only remember some dreams?
Hey, Interesting question, I think that we probably don’t remember most of the content in our dreams because when we sleep we are unconscious therefore half the time we do not even know we are dreaming so it would be near impossible to reca…
Is it true that you only remember dreams if you wake up in the mi…?
I’ve awaken in the middle of the night literally hundreds of times and don’t remember dreaming. Then later I’ll remember a dream I had from several nights before. Still, sometimes I know I’ve had a dream and can’t remember it at all. So, it…
What if I only remember pieces of a dream?
Write down what you do remember. Drawing pictures of things seen or remembered helps you remember your dream months later when reading through old dreams.

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Why do some people remember more dreams than others?
Q: Nearly every night i remember a dream and sometimes if i wake up a couple of times, or if my alarm goes off and i fall back asleep, i’ll end up remembering several dreams. But then, i know some people never remember their dreams – why is that?
A: its Intense to remember it. they don’t care as much as u do so u remember it more.also can happened if u had the dream extremely long its possible to remember a part of the dream.even if u have a very long dram more then once u cant remember 100% of the dream. if its nt Intense if u are rely basest with it. sometimes if u forget a dream some people say this rely happened to me because it came back in the head when they remembered something in the past.so if its relative on what u did today then u will remember it.
Why do some dreams seem more real them others? Why do we only remember certain dreams????
Q: In some dreams the people are really clear and it feels like you are really there. Or like everything in the dream is really happening, and the emotions are more real, and you can understand what people are saying. But in other dreams people faces are blurry and you can’t understand people as well. Or their mouths are moving and you can’t understand them. Why do we only remember certain dreams?
A: good question….. see u dream every night and when u dream its right before you weak up even though in the dream it may seem like hours and with certain dreams ether u don’t want to remember them or ur mind don’t. want them in some dreams u can tell the future and in other it may be when u where just a little kid with stuff u forgot way long ago and most dreams are just ur imagaion
Why do some people remember their dreams and others do not?
Q: I know that we dream every night. I always remember my dreams and I generally dream the entire night. I wake up in the morning remembering at least 6-7 dreams – sometimes they are very elaborate and other times they are just little snapshots of things that I was dreaming. It is almost like I am sort of thinking in my sleep the entire night although I have no control over the thoughts. I actually really enjoy it and look forward to it every night. My husband is baffled by this. I discuss my dreams in the morning with him and he cannot understand how I can remember all of the details and why I had such dreams in the first place. He has never remembered a dream before. Why is it that I dream away all night and can discuss it in the morning and he has no concept of what that is like? Does anyone else dream all night and remember everything in the morning? I can still remember dreams I had about six months ago. What makes me different from my husband?
A: I have vivid dreams too. But for me, they are compromising the quality of my sleep.The followings are what I know:-if you wake up a little bit (not necessarily fully awake that you can remember in the morning) after your dream, you tend to remember your dreams better after you wake up.-Dreams are more easily remembered if they are so exciting that they arouse your arousal system (heart beats faster, stress hormone release, etc) when you are dreaming, ie people remembering nightmares.-Once you recall your dreams in your waking life (for example by writing it down in a dream journal or conversing with someone else), it goes into your normal memory storage system (episodic). So it’s perfectly normal to be able to remember dreams from long time ago (just not as detailed over time).As to why, I don’t think we know that for sure.But there are people like you out there.I suggest you to keep a dream journal next to your bed. It’s fun and it helps you keep track of your dream world.
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