Why do people yell or scream

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Anger can make you yell or scream at others, even people you like or love. Though, yelling is healthy in some cases. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-people-yell-or-scream ]
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When you’re mad do you prefer to stare angrily or yell/scream??
I prefer to call people mean names and put them down and mean it. ROOT BEER 1. Has anyone ever thrown you a suprise party? : I don’t think so. But people should.
Are cops aloud to scream or yell at you when stopping you??
Cops can pretty much do what they like, they are almost above the law. Even the things they are not supposed or allowed to do, they get away with. If they are allowed to taze people to death without consequences(US), or shoot innocent men…
What about guys that yell and scream a lot like Gordon Ramsay? Ar…?
I’ve met Gordon Ramsay a couple of times. He’s nice. But that’s just for a TV show. I love the guy.

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Why is it that people call customer service and yell and scream at the rep?
Q: Usually the representative has nothing to do with the issue you are having so why do you feel that you have to take out all your anger on them? I just don’t get it. I am not a representative but my brother just started a job where he is yelled at so badly by customers and he is usually not someone to get stressed out. I told him to quit but he says he has to try as hard as he can till he can find something better.
A: People think that the rep DOES have something to do with the problem since the rep works for the company. No matter how many times you tell the customer that, they just don’t get it. You are right about how the rep has nothing to do with the customers issue.
Why do people always yell and scream at dance shows?
Q: I went to my friend’s dance competition at the auditorium of my college and every second of his performance (which was quite good), people (mostly girls I think?) were yelling and shouting and screaming…it wasn’t even like they were saying anything, just making noise…why!? It was really frustrating to me, I just wanted to enjoy the competition without people yelling in my ears but I thought maybe I missed something…
A: It’s not all dance shows, just competition dance. The culture of competition dance is for the audience to scream. The culture of concert dance is for the audience to applaud at the end of sections (at most) or at the end of the piece. The differences are similar to instrumental music shows: screaming at rock concerts, applause after solos with jazz, and applause after entire symphonic works with orchestras.
Why do people get on here and just yell and scream and never answer a question?
Q: Now that I have your attention, can you please answer this without name-calling me or being angry? I actually am not specifically talking about men or women. Men AND women have been very rude on here. Anyway, has Christianty BENEFITTED the feminist cause at all? Is there any evidence of this at all? Are there cases in which the Christian religion has helped the woman’s cause, or has it usually hurt it?
A: If taken literally and followed to the letter, then Christianity is wholly incompatible with feminism, but only Jesus himself could tell us what to take literally and whose interpretation is correct. I think you can call yourself a Christian and be a feminist (I’m no longer a Christian myself) but you can’t follow the religion the way the Religious Right does. Who said they get to decide what a true Christian is anyway?I guess, I don’t know how to answer your question. So many interpretations of Christianity exist, that maybe some Christians incorporate feminism into their lives and benefit from that, but others have not. As to say whether feminism has benefited Christianity as a whole or vice versus, I don’t believe so. Christianity doesn’t benefit feminism because it’s based on a 2000 year old book and static whereas feminism evolves and changes with the needs of society.
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