Why do some depressed people slit their wrists

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People who attempt suicide and survive say they wanted to die to end the pain of living. They feel they don’t have the MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-some-depressed-people-slit-their-wrists ]
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Why do people cut wrists when they are depressed as if some one t…?
When you cut yourself, your blood releases endorphins. It’s like a natural pain-killer for your body, and makes people feel better.

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Why do people slit their wrists when they’re depressed?
A: Generally an attempt at suicide, killing themselves. However, suicide via wrist slitting is extremely difficult to do, I’ve heard it said that you wouldn’t have the willpower to cut deep enough to kill yourself unless you were a marine.Another reason could be to hurt themselves, some depressed people feel the ened to escape mental pain with physical pain. I found that when I was depressed some while ago, cutting seemed to help. Usually self hurt seems more helpful when damage or blood is involved, rather than something that shows no signs (like hitting yourself on the head with something).
why do people slit their wrists..y wrists?? y not some other part? but YYY how does it make em feel better?
Q: if you are depresses or hate ur life or whatever the rason..y would you want to slit(cut) ur wrist wouldnt that make it worse??? relle relle curious on this one hmmm
A: First, please learn to spell.To answer the question, people slit the wrists because there is an artery that runs directly from the heart that goes right through the worst and is pretty easy to get to. Turn your arm palm up and flex your wrist. See that bulge? That’s the radial artery (A. radialis et ulnaris), and it lies just below the surface of the skin. If cut into, it will bleed heavily, often resulting in death. However, it cut crosswise and not completely severed, repair is possible. This is why people who are serious about commiting suicide usually cut the artery lengthwise or sever it completely.Suicide doesn’t make one feel better; it kills you. Suicides often try to kill themselves (and many succeed) in an effort to escape from the pressures they feel in life. They believe that by dying, they solve all their problems.Fact is, they’re right. When you kill yourself, you solve all your problems (unless you’re a member of certain religious beliefs in which suicides can’t get into Heaven). But think about the problems you create for those who are left behind. Loved ones, friends, family; all of these people suffer, wondering why you did it. Even if you leave a note, many questions often remain unanswered.Why didn’t she seek help? If only he’d told someone he felt this way! Didn’t she realize that it wasn’t her fault? Why didn’t I listen to him?Suicide is the ultimate form of selfishness. It solves your problems, but presents new ones for those you leave behind. If you’re feeling suicidal, please seek help! There are people who understand, and treatment is available. It isn’t your fault!
why do teens find slitting their wrists or any brutalic activity interesting when they’re depressed?
Q: this is for my research paper and i haven’t got any sources to find the answer. this is about teen emotional depression.
A: poor coping skills
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