Why do some people dream and some dont

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Everyone dreams about 100 minutes per night; we just have difficulty remembering our dreams. Thanks for ChaCha’n [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-some-people-dream-and-some-dont ]
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Why do some people dream every night, and others dont dream at al…?
There are two types of dreams. Those we have in our sleep and everybody has them evenif they don’t remember having them. The other sort is the dream you have awake that drives you forward. The dream of being famous or popular or doing somet…
How come alot of people dream that there naked, or dont have a sh…?
Nudity is, well, nude. It’s yourself in your most basic raw form and there’s nothing you can hide. Some people find this feeling uncomfortable (hence the reason they dream it, as they feel uncomfortable with showing themselves) while some p…
How comes people remember dreams and others dont??
It depends on when you were dreaming. If you were dreaming in deep REM sleep, you’re less likely to remember your dream. But if you’re dreaming soon before you awake, you’re likely to remember it. I had a very vivid dream right before wakin…

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Why do some people dream more than others?
Q: I don’t mean daydreaming, I mean dreaming at night.For instance, my mom dreams only once or twice a year but I get dreams every night or every other night. I started making a “dream log” and i’ve dreamt the 9th, 10th, 11th, 14th, 15th, 16th. I was just wondering how some people have so many dreams whereas some people dont?
A: The mind goes through a period of “sorting” out the messages it gets…… and to do that, it must dream. It begins by sorting through the symbology and storing experience where it belongs….For example: a person who has a bad self image, may dream of a house that is delapidated…. but, this symbol, being in its perspective form, shows that the dreamer has an “outer” image problem…. If the image were something they were feeling or something that they have thought on, it would be “inside” of the structure. and then sorted by the means which are most important. “rooms”……..Now, people claim to not be able to dream because all those experiences are too much for the mind to handle, for one who has alot of things to do in a day….. with odds being far less for those who have little sleep……… That just means there are a whole lot of thoughts to process that no single ideal is subject to memory of the images that may have been seen.For example: imagine having to keep up with a professional speed reader…….. So too is the spirit of the mind trying to keep up with one who is so busy doing their daily task, that it is hard to recall the symbols seen in dreams.your sister,Ginger,((dream interpreter for over 20 years))
what makes some people dream always and remember their dreams while others dont?
Q: I always dream and remember them vividly while my boyfriend claims he never dreams but I think we all dream its just that he never remembers them.. why?
A: Mahesh is sort of right here.We all dream, but some tend to remember them better than others. Some researchers believe that we are predisposed to forget our dreams and those that remember them are unusual, rather than the other way round.Most dreams occur during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep and maybe you wake out of that stage rather quicker then your bf, which means you have a better chance of remembering them.PS. We can dream anything up to 7 times a night and I bet you don’t remember all of these, so even you are forgetting the majority of your dreams.
Why is it that some people remember their dreams and others dont??????
Q: I was just wondering because i have really good dreams and when i wake up i remember peices of it. Then later i forget it all. how do you remember your dreams and how do you have good dreams.like all the time. Plz no silly answers this is serious.Oh and what is the best dream you have ever had
A: heyy!Sometimes it is really hard for me to remember a dream. Sometimes i remember it roughly but just really cant say it or explain it to anyone… its like a non-explainable dream. The dreams that you remember the most are the ones closer to your awakening. So, it is very unlikely for you to remember a dream that you dreamt at the beginning of your sleep.Here is about dreams-how to remember it…The main barrier to dream recall and to lucid dreaming (realizing during a dream that one is dreaming) is that waking and dreaming memory aren’t connected nearly as well as they could be with greater intention, practice and focus. Making a consistent effort to remember and record your dreams will help your waking mind to ally itself more closely with your dream experience. It’s also an excellent way to increase imagination, creative and intuitive capabilities which are all intimately connected with dreams. This alone should provide strong incentive. YOU’VE GOT TO WANT IT. First and foremost, you must feel that it will be useful to you, if not extremely valuable. Without this, motivation will soon disappear. More importantly, the desire acts as a magnet which draws your dreams into memory. IT’S A MATTER OF FOCUS AND ATTENTION. Understand that dream recall is an inherent, natural human trait. That is why young children are usually in touch with dreams, as are some native cultures who share their dreams with each other daily. Dream recall is a bit like a mental muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Without exercise it may shrink, but it is there if you decide to work it out again. So if your recall is poor, trust that it will come in time, and the trust alone will actually help. BEDTIME PRACTICE: Before sleep, reread your dreams from the previous (or more) night(s). This allows you to begin to connect with your dream memory, and is also an opportunity to interpret your dreams and spot connections to the day’s events. Then, as you go to bed, clearly ask (rather than command) yourself to remember your dreams when you awaken in the morning or during the night, and remind yourself that it’s a simple, natural process. Also, suggest to yourself that you will spontaneously awaken when you need to without using an alarm clock, since it can inhibit recall. This method works well with practice, but you may initially wish to set your alarm for 15 minutes after your suggested wake-up time, just to be safe. Any time you awaken, keep your eyes closed (or shut them if already open) and remain as motionless as possible. If you moved since waking, return to your earlier body position. Gather as many images, feelings or impressions as you can, then rise and immediately record them in a journal (which you keep bedside) or say them into a tape recorder, no matter how brief or vague they may at first seem. You’ll be surprised at how much more you can remember as you write (or speak).If your next day’s schedule allows for the possibility of slightly less alertness and you’re game to try something a bit more adventurous, try drinking one or more glasses of water before bed so that your body will automatically awaken you during the night – quite likely just after a dream cycle is just complete. This requires a little more dedication but has it’s pay-offs since it gives your waking and dreaming states of mind more opportunity to overlap, and hence triggers better dream recall. BE PLAYFUL, PATIENT, and PERSISTENT. Although most people start having success the first week or two, dream recall is a mental muscle which may require some time to get back into shape. Try to maintain a relaxed and playful attitude of looking forward to your dreams while being willing to let them come all in good time. Trying too hard or being too serious can be limiting factors. Dream recall and motivation tend to come and go naturally in cycles, and also depend upon what else is going on in your life. Once you start on a cycle of focusing on recall, stick with it for at least a few days, because consecutive nights can have an additive effect. A WEEKLY STUDY GROUP with a shared interest in dreams is unmatchable for sustained motivation and inspiration. or you can just go to this site: http://www.dreams.ca/recall.htm to read all that other part about how to remember a dream and stuff.My most amazing dream was about me and this guy… we feel in love and i actually re almost everything about the dream even today. this dream was like about 2 weeks ago and i really FEEL in love with the guy. it was like my emotions from my dream came to life. i was about 18 when i fel in love with him and he was 21. i am hoping this is a deja vu dream and that we do fall in love with eachother just like in the dream! That would be AH-MAH-ZING!:Dhope i helped-c-a-r-y-
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