Why do we dream about kissing boys

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To dream of a kiss, denotes love, affection, tranquility, harmony, and contentment. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-we-dream-about-kissing-boys ]
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What does it mean when you dream of 2 boys kissing?
Dreams usually derive from events, conversations, thoughts etc. that have occurred throughout your day and when you go to sleep they tend to intertwine and end up becoming a story of their own but don’t necessarily mean anything.
Why would I have a dream about kissing a boy I DIDN’T like??
I use to have dreams like this all the time! They drove me crazy!!! Hmm… I think it could be a lot of different things:・ 1. That deep down secretly you might like him. ・ 2. You somehow thought about kissing the day before (IE~ read a book…
What does it mean when you dream about kissing a boy??
That the boy was on your mind before you went to bed and you missed him. what if i neva met this guy or dont know him ?

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why did i dream about kissing a boy who i never seen before in my whole life ?
Q: Well Last night i had a dream about this Boy and he was Half french or Spanish and he had a Proper English Accent ..and i didnt Know him at all and never seen him before in my whole life and i remember myself Kissing him and it felt soo real ..does anyone know why i dreamt about this ? does it mean anything ?
A: well you may be gonna meet up with him later in life that could be your soul mate google dreams and that and see what it says
Why have I been dreaming about kissing the same boy?
Q: I’ve been dreaming this boy repeatedly. I haven’t been dreaming the same dream, but in each dream I am kissing my first kiss with the same boy, though i know he would probably not kiss me back. Am i too obsessive, or should i really want him to kiss me, or is this meaning he will like me back someday?
A: There’s nothing wrong with being ‘obsessive’ about him right now: at your age and situation it’s common. As long as you don’t become a bunny-boiler, no problem…If you want ‘evidence’ that he’ll like you back someday, try looking for it in the awake world, not in dreams.
why do i keep on dreaming about kissing this boy?
Q: I know this boy i keep on dreaming about kissing him and i dont know why?
A: because you want his lips on yours.in reality.
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