Why do we have emotions

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We have emotions, because we are not low-level animals. Because even dogs and cats have emotions. We have emotions because MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-we-have-emotions ]
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Simple, we were born with them like everyone else.
Emotions appear to serve several physical and psychological purposes. Some scientists believe that emotions are one of the fundamental traits associated with being human. Emotions color people s lives and give them depth and differentiation…
I think we have emotions because that is our way of showing how we feel and with out it everything would be dull and boring and there would be no way of expressing ourselves or how others feel. there would be no happiness, sadness or love.S…

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Why can’t we surgically remove the parts of the brain responsible for negative emotions?
Q: Emotions like fear, depression, and anxiety.If we know exactly where the parts of the brain responsible for these negative emotions are located, why can’t they be surgically removed like tumors and cysts?I mean what useful purpose does depression have other that driving people to suicide?What good is anxiety when it causes nervous breakdowns and degrading the quality of day to day living?If a person had an incurable fatal disease then the horror and terror of dying alongside him every single minute of the rest of his life isn’t really useful is it?These emotions were created for the caveman’s basic survival in the dangerous wild, not for man’s survival in today’s civilization, so why doesn’t anybody remove these parts of the brain?
A: You cannot go cutting into a healthy brain in order to remove emotions, you can remove tumors and cysts as they are not being used by the brain in order to carry out functions, healthy brain tissue is being used for something important.Depression can be managed by drugs, as can anxiety, but removal of that part of the brain will probably be very detrimental to the psychotic stability of that subject, not to mention the potentially fatal brain damage, people don’t have the horror and terror of dying every day, they eventually learn to deal with it.Plus if in today’s civilization there is no need for negative emotions, then there would be no sense of right or wrong, there would be no fear to respect the law, no fear in hurting one’s self. Think about it, if you told a loved one that you were dying and they didn’t react at all, because they didn’t know how to, how would that make you feel? Besides i reckon the brain would compensate, if you had no negative emotions and just felt happy ones, you’d eventually differentiate between having positive emotions and no emotions, and you’d probably register no emotions as bad emotions.These are just some of my opinions
What are emotions and why do we have them?
Q: I know what it’s like to have emotions. They give me feelings and the motivation for living. I just don’t understand why life saw fit to develop them. When did emotions become a staple of life? I’m assuming that lower lifeforms such as bacteria don’t have emotions.Are emotions necessary to life?
A: Justin — If you believe that the universe is nothing more than the scientific objective reality, then emotions make no sense and you will never be able to explain them. If your universe is larger, and includes personal subjective realms, then emotions make sense and life would be incomplete without them (at least for humans).Without emotions (be especially Love) there is no binding force between humans. “That feels so good” perception of lust is a driving force but has no binding power. Sex becomes meaningless as an act except as a method of propagation.Emotions bind mother to child and this starts the lifelong events which bind humanity together. Emotions are also used as mental “tags” to thoughts stored in memory. They make it easier to remember past events.There is no scientific theory behind emotions which can be proved objectively. The best model seems to point out that positive emotions can be felt without thought, but negative emotions are always mixed with thoughts.Necessary for life? Perhaps not. Necessary to make humans what they are? I believe so.
Why do we feel emotions towards fictional characters?
Q: What exactly is it that makes us “love” or “hate” a character in a story? To what do we apply this affection or resentment, sorrow or admiration? We are aware that they are fictitious, yet we feel real human emotions towards them. Is it that the characters remind us of people we know? Is it that the events which happen in a story bring back memories? Is it merely the basic ‘idea’ of something which results in an emotional reaction?Your opinions would be appreciated; thank you.
A: We feel emotions toward fictional characters because we envision ourselves in the situation. Even though characters are fictitious, they still have personalities and human qualities, just like real people, and so we still form opinions and emotions towards those people. In some cases, yeah I think some ficticious characters remind us of people we know, and I also believe that we do relate to some events that happen in a story. Basically we are humans, and emotions are a huge part of our lives, therefore, we’re going to become attached or dislike several intangable things such as Television shows, movies, stories, and even music. Have a wonderful day.
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