Why do you jerk in your sleep

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Discovery says: as you slide toward sleep, there’s a point at which your muscles really let go. Sweet dreams from ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-jerk-in-your-sleep ]
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What’s the Best Position to Sleep In?
As with the mattress you chose, the position you sleep in is based on your personal preference or physical limitations based on pain or restrictions from your doctor because of surgery. In general, back sleeping is the most stable position …
Where do flies sleep?
On my U.S. Government teacher’s ceiling and window sill of his classroom. All my classmates called the first one (ceiling fly) Roger and the second one (window sill) Roger 2.
What does it mean when you jerk in your sleep?
Called involuntary muscle twitches, or hyptic jerks are often experienced by most people. Once, twice and then less intense jerks occur during our normal sleep. Sometimes the jerks are triggered by exhaustion or sleeping uncomfortably. Wo…

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why do you jerk in your sleep?
Q: im about to fall asleep, and i feel as if im dreaming…then in my dream, i trip and fall, and i twitch and wake up, why? does this happen to you?
A: I think it is because you aren’t fully unconscious so it is like a reflex, it happens to me quite abitNothing wrong with you
why do you sometimes just random jerk up from sleep?
Q: the other day i was in isolation at school and i was trying to get to sleep because it was so boring.anyway, when i was trying to get to sleep, i’d get so far along being drowsy and stuff and then suddenly jump and jerk up.this happened like 3 times.what is this?
A: Lol yeah agree with matt. Your brain knows you shouldn’t be sleeping
Why does my whole body jerk before I sleep? Fast Heart Rate?
Q: I guess I have to first mention, I have an eating disorder srry to say.When I restrict my calorie intake by a lot, when I start to fall into sleep my whole body jerks waking me back up. This happens 3 to 4 times before I finally fall asleep.Why is that?Also, why do I also wake up in the middle of the night with my heart racing really fast and hard?
A: it just your brain telling you muscles to wake up so they jerk awake. thats all!!
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