Why do you laugh when you hear something funny

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Before our human ancestors could talk with each other, laughter was a simpler method of communication. It’s a mindset. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-you-laugh-when-you-hear-something-funny ]
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Why Do We Laugh When We See Or Hear Something Funny??
Laughter is an expression or appearance or a reaction to external stimuli. The stimuli could be a sight, sound or even a thought evoked on account of a memory or scene. It is largely and correctly associated with merriment and amusement. La…
Why do we laugh when we hear something funny??
It’s natural. It’s the body’s natural way of keeping our endorphins humming and makes us happy people. People who don’t laugh look sad and glum and usually suffer with depression.
Does anyone know any REALLY funny jokes that make you laugh almos…?
This one probably is only funny when told rather that printed, but here goes. A nun was fishing near the Abby where she was staying and pulled out a good sized fish. A towns person, watching said, “That’s a nice Gaudam fish”. Sir!…

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Why is it that when we hear something funny, we laugh?
Q: Why is laughing our natural reaction to something that is funny?
A: the scientific reason would be so cool! :Di guess because the thoughts send signals to your brain that would make your muscles (smile) then does something with the lungs and vocal cords which eventually becomes a laugh LMAO
Why do you laugh when you hear something funny?
A: I won’t pretend to know the biological and/or psychological mechanisms taking place that is conducive to this. It’s just a spontaneous (laugh) reaction that most humans have in response to the stimulus of hearing something funny. We have just marvelously been created and “wired” up that way.A word of caution — what you may interpret as “hearing something funny” is purely subjective. What you may hear and interpret as being funny may not always be perceived the same way to other individuals — hence, beware that hearing a “funny” joke/experience could potentially become an embarassing situation … ‘nough said.
How do you not laugh when you hear something funny?
Q: How do you keep a straight face?
A: think about something else and just stare into space. Practice makes almost perfect
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