Why does heartbreaks hurt

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Why does heartbreaks hurt? Heartbreak isn’t just emotional pain. More? ChaCha!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-heartbreaks-hurt ]
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Does heartbreak hurt worse then getting shot?
It’s impossible to compare the two types of pain. Getting shot (no matter where you get hit) hurts in a very physical way. A broken heart hurts emotionally, which can also give a person aches and pains, but it affects how you feel mood wise…
Why does heartbreak PHYSICALLY hurt?
pain is felt at the chemical level and physical level. in social situations, that do not involve violence, you predict the future, in a sense. you make a guess of what the person feels and base your emotions on that or you generalize how th…
Which Cleveland heartbreak hurt the most?
i would say 2009 – The Greatest Choke in History (not Lebron since he averaged almost 40 points in the series…i would say the rest of his team choked and let him down.)

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Why does heartbreak hurt more than anything?
Q: okay, i’m a teenager and my ex boyfriend and i had been going out for 2 months. he went on a holiday and he came back, gave me a bracelet and decided to dump me. i don’t understand why it hurts, even when i am young. i’m really confused and i don’t get why girls need guys.
A: I know it hurts sweety and ive certainly been there. The main reason is rejection. We think that there is something wrong with us.That we arent good enough for some reason. The truth is that they arent good enough for us! Guys are very hard to understand, i think more than women! Through your teenage years, your heart is gonna get broke a number of times. Its just facts of life and it sucks but remember…you have to get through all the bad eggs before you find THE ONE!
Why does heartbreak have to hurt so much?
Q: Why? Why? Why?Does it really make us stronger?Or make us more eager?
A: heartbreak hurts so much because there usually are sacrifices in a relationship, as well as all the emotions, and the longer together, the more it will hurt.yes, it makes us stronger and smarter, as it prepares us for the next relationship. it may take a while to move on, but that process–as well as the support from friends/family–allows us to do so.
Does heartbreak hurt more the older you get?
Q: I got my heart broken in the 4th grade.Second heartbreak, I got my heart broken in high school.Third heartbreak, I got my heart broken in college. This last time, college, it has been the worse of all 3 times. It hurts so bad. The emotions are a mixture of pain, hate, loneliness, fear of the unknown, and fear that the loss will never be healed.So, Is it just me or does heartbreak hurt worse and worse the older one gets?
A: yes because the older you the more you realize the bad…heartbreak sucks but its a lesson of life and someday you will be perfectly fine again and your heart will feel full….many many people have been there
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