Why does my girlfriend try to control me

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Your girlfriend probably just doesn’t want to lose you. Trust is an important part of a good relationship so try talking to her. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-my-girlfriend-try-to-control-me ]
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How to control my temper when my girlfriend try to make me jealou…?
Hi, First of all-How old are you? Second of all, If she is deliberatly trying to make you jelouse, If she is doing it on purpose and it’s kind of a game she is playing just to get a reaction, I would get up and leave- (teach her a lesson)D…
Should I try to control my erections when I’m with my virgin girl…?
dont try to control it if she says something tell her its not your fault your just so beautiful or something like that just if she asks compliment her in a gentleman way and let her know that it is from the way she looks or the way she does…
Why do men try to control their girlfriends/wifes and women just …?
oooo someone’s very angry. well be nice. girls are not guys (duh) but my point is that you are probably a tough guy and would destroy the guy (if you were a girl) if he ever did anything like that to you but girls are different. i hate to s…

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Why does my girlfriend think she can control my life?
Q: I have a friend that ISNT my girlfriend. Me and this girl we talk about everything, we kiss each other on the cheek, we hug each other alot and we even fall asleep in each others arms. We’ve been friends since i can remember.Now my girlfriend wants me to stop talking to her. What gives her the right to choose my friends?
A: Um, hello?? Jealousy! Your GF feels that your BFF is moving in on her territory and she doesn’t like it. How would you feel if the tables were turned and you knew she was falling alseep in the arms of another dude? Even if she told you the same “we’ve been friends longer than I can remember” story, you’d probably not go for it either! Are you sure you’re dating the right girl?
why does my girlfriend take birth control pills?
Q: my girlfriend is not sexually active…so why does she take BC regularly (shes only 15)
A: To regulate her periods. It also helps you, if you have difficult periods with cramps and heavy bleeding.
My girlfriend is on birth control but I have been away from her for over a year, why?
Q: My girl and I have been away from each other for over a year and she told me today that she is on birth control, why would she need to be if she’s not having sex? She claims it makes her periods shorter, is this true or could she be lying to me. I trust her and all but damn, it makes me wonder sometimes. Any thoughts?
A: It does regulate periods. It also helps with things like acne. You can easily find this information on Google.
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