Why does no one understand me

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Everyone feels like no one understands them sometimes. It gets a lot better as you get older. Hang in there! ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-no-one-understand-me ]
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Obviously you didn’t find the empathetic and curious ear you’d hoped for. Your sexual identity isn’t really anybody’s business but yours and your potential lovers’. So no need to attempt to include those who don’t care to be included.
California is really liberal and corporate unfriendly. The taxes are too high. Corporations flee in record numbers to Nevada and other bordering states. California sees that its income isn’t high enough to support its socialist agenda. Its …
Today’s query, “why does no one understand me?” is one that has plagued teenage girls round the world for ages. Although, I tend to think that one who demands this unanswerable question, most likely falls into the “normal” category (white,…

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Why does no one understand innocent until proven guilty?
Q: Barry Bonds has never been suspended and has never failed a drug test. Michael Vick has not been proven guilty either. Pardon the pun but both of these guys are being treated like dogs. Why does no one understand that all individuals no matter what they are accussed of are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law?
A: Innocent until proven guilty is a legal position taken by the courts. It is one of the tenets of our legal system. We don’t always have to wait until a court of law comes down with a ruling to have our own opinions of what is going on. Once we start developing an opinion, we are free to discuss it in whatever forum we choose. If our opinion is sound, and well reasoned, it may alter others opinions as well. This is part of the court of public opinion.
I dont understand the Catholic sacrament of reconciliation. Why does one need confess one’s sins to a priest?
Q: Repentance done in a little closet? Please enlighten me.
A: You are not confessing your sins to a priest you are confessing your sins to God through a priest. The priest then gives you penance. As an act of God. If we could all confess directly to God and have him answer the world would be a much different place. Don’t ya think.
Why does listening to Gregorian chant enhance thought and study even if one does not understand what is sung?
A: They knew what they were doing.
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