Why does this girl always stare at me, I’m a girl

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When someone is interested in you it’s likely there’ll be lots of eye contact. She might want to be like you or she likes you. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-this-girl-always-stare-at-me%2C-i%27m-a-girl ]
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Why does this girl always stare at me?
That can be annoying to have someone to just stare at you all the time. But before you be rude to her think about this. Maybe she wants to get to know you and don’t know how, maybe she doesn’t realize she staring at you maybe she thinks you…
Why do girls always stare at me, and im a girl?
Maybe there’s a rumour going around about you?
When a girl smile and stare at me always, is that love??
I wouldn’t say “love” unless you two were in a relationship, but she might like you or be attracted to you if she stares a lot. It’s hard to know for sure if she doesn’t say anything, though… How long have you known each other…
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