Why don’t I like to make decisions

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Maybe you’re subconsciencely afraid you’ll make the wrong decision and your fear keeps you from making any at all? Beat the fear! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-don%27t-i-like-to-make-decisions ]
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How do i make decisions like a grown-up?
Ever taken a Myers-Briggs personality test? Whether you are more of a (T)hinker or a (F)eeler may determine what method of decision making works best for you. If you are a thinker, then the analytical pros/cons approach will work better. F…
Why should I make financial decisions like this now??
Planning the distribution of your assets can help you sort out your priorities while giving thanks and praising God for your blessings. As you plan, should your priorities include supporting an outreach to migrant farmworkers, we invite you…
I would like to see a sample report before making a decision to p…?
For each type of injury listed in our Browse Reports section, a report is available. It includes the following:・ Our editorial comments about the general view of the Courts on ranges of awards in recent years, including … ・ A list of rece…
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