Why I hate ppl

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You might hate people because you are antisocial or because many people have harmed you in your life. ChaCha again soon! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-i-hate-ppl ]
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I hate ppl telling me how to raise my child! what should i say??
Just try to hear them out. Sometimes you may come across advice you actually like, but there will probably be a lot that you don’t agree with. The good thing about advice is you Don’t have to take it. Just try to listen and move on. You are…
How can I rebel against ppl i hate…?
Just try to find something to do to stay away if they annoy you. Rebelling is not the answer. Find good books to read in your room or watch videos or something of that nature.
How come i cant get out of my mind the ppl i hate most?
You need to seriously consider why you would hate anyone in the first place. Don’t focus on the specifics (i.e. the individual), focus on the feeling and why you have it. I’m betting it isn’t because of the people you’re directing your ange…

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Why do ppl hate Martin Bashir for the documentary on Michael Jackson?
Q: I am watching the documentary on youtube, and a lot of ppl are making rude comments about Martin Bashir on there, why do they hate him so much? Didn’t he help Michael by showing the world why he is the way he is?lol I’m so confused!
A: Martin Bashir is a devious and unpleasant man.people hate him for his documentary on Michael because the footage he took was edited to produce a very warped idea of what was said.Fortunately, Micheal had his own private camera man on set and so the full interviews can be refered to -These prove that Bashir edited the footage to give a negative view.;-Bashir Used michael to spark controversy, he is a really nasty guy.PLEASE watch ‘Living With Michael Jackson, Take Two’ Its on youtube. Its the full film taken on Michael’s camera#Peace
why do ppl hate starbucks so much?
Q: I am a barista in a different coffee shop – one that is unique to my city. ppl always tell me how they hate starbucks and would never abandon us for them. I like the place i work at better than starbucks but why all the hate? I know their coffee tastes like its burnt and is over expensive but is it really that bad?
A: As a coffee lover, i hate the commercialisation of it and how it’s diluted both the traditional coffee drinks and the traditional coffee shop. I don’t mind the coffee so much but I can never relax at a starbucks, there is a different feel to it, i feel rushed and there are annoying teenage kids who hang out making noise drinking their pussified ice coffee drinks. I go to a small coffee shop near where i live, it’s nice, the atmosphere is relaxing and they serve proper espressos and macchiatos. They also have a few ice drinks to fill the demand in the market but only a few, most of it’s customers don’t really like that sort of thing anyway. The prices are higher but for me it’s way better than starbucks which basically is the Mcdonalds of coffee houses.
So, why are ppl starting to hate the Jonas Brothers?
Q: I know why ppl hate Hannah Montana( In fact i do too) but why are ppl hating the Jonas Brothers?
A: Because they are always in our face. People like you keep on asking stupid Jonas Brothers questions AND WE’RE SICK OF IT.There like way to many of them on YA and there always the same question.
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