Why is a psychologist called a shrink

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The name shrink came about from a comparison between psychiatrists and headshrinkers – a term give to tribal members.. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-a-psychologist-called-a-shrink ]
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Why do some people call psychologists ‘shrinks’?
The term “shrink” to refer to psychologists supposedly was coined by author Thomas Pynchon in his book The Crying of Lot 49 published in 1966. Most likely it came from the term “headshrinker,” comparing the process of ps…
Is it considered a derogatory remark when someone calls a psychol…?
The noun shrink is shortened from headshrinker, in whimsical allusion to that shamanistic art, perhaps still practiced in remote jungles. Not in the least bit derogatory, it refers to the old-fashioned conceit that a swelled head is the roo…
Why are psychologists/psychiatrists called shrinks?
As the other person said it’s short of headshrinkers, but I suppose it’s because when you’re mentally ill, distressed, etc ;you feel like there are so many things going round in your head and that it may explode. That’s how I think of it an…

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Why is it called a shrink?
Q: Why do they call psychologists shrinks and where did the name come from and how was it applied to the profession?
A: Shrink”, a slang term for a mental health professional such as a psychiatrist or psychologist (derived from the word “headshrinker”)
can a psychologist be called a ‘ shrink’? or is it just a psychiatrist?
Q: I’ve been wondering does it apply to all people who analyse and use therapy, or just the ones who use drugs too.
A: Psychologists cannot prescribe medication, psychiatrists can.They are called “shrinks” because they shrink your problems, supposedly.
why do psychologists get called shrinks?
Q: is it to do with shrinking your brain?i meant psychiatrist!
A: “Shrink”, taken from “head shrinker”, is a slang term for a psychiatrist or psychotherapist, sometimes treated as derogatory or offensive.To cause to shrink.n.The act of shrinking.The degree to which something shrinks; shrinkage.Slang. A psychotherapist.[Middle English shrinken, to wither, shrivel up, from Old English scrincan.]
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