Why is it hard for me to fall asleep

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Some research suggests that certain social factors, such as being unemployed or divorced, are related to poor sleep. MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-it-hard-for-me-to-fall-asleep ]
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It could really be your internal clock is just a little off. I had that happen to me last year. I went to the dr. and got a prescription for restoril. It’s a sleep aid that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. Basically, take it for about…
Why is it so hard to fall asleep?
Drink chamomile Tea or take Tylenol PM
What song would be hard to fall asleep to?
Nova Akropola by Laibach. (great album, but…) Harsh, harsh Industrial sounds, drumbeats, martial type chants. I passed out (with a littel help) with it playing once… and had the most intense dreams of a demon running a sweatshop, and to…

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Why is it soo hard to fall asleep flat on your back ?
Q: Or is it just me ?A few years ago, it was the only way i would sleep. Now, i have to sleep on my right or left side to fall asleep and it’s real annoying since i sleep in a small bed.So why is it soo hard for me to sleep on my back, stretched out ?
A: Sleeping on your back is the best way to sleep. Do you put a pillow underneath your knees like you should?I’m not going to be a preacher on you, overall – whichever makes you feel better when you wake up, sleep that way. But if you had to choose, sleep on your right side. A lot of your Organs are on your left side, you can reduce putting pressure on them when you sleep on your right side.I have an easier time sleeping on my stomach, I suppose it’s because I can really cuddle with my pillows that way. When I sleep on my side, my knees and hip feels crampy. It’s hard to describe the sensation I get, it’s just discomforting. I have tried sleeping on my back, it is not pleasant. My back hurts sometimes, my neck feels tight. My head is either too far up or too far down, it’s not fun indeed!So, do whatever you feel is more comfortable. It’s you that’s going to be waking up comfortable or in pain, not your doctor. :)Edit: OH! I almost forgot.. If you really want to sleep on your back better, you should invest in memory foam. That stuff is magical.
why is it sometimes hard to fall asleep when you’re overtired?
Q: why is it sometimes hard to fall asleep if you stay awake so long that you pass the point of exhaustion?
A: Your body produces Melatonin and a few other chemicals which are believed to prepare your body for sleep. When you don’t fall asleep within a few ours of this time the production of these chemicals slow and you stay kind of alert…
Why is it hard to fall asleep the night before something you are dreading?
Q: Like before starting school, being on an airplane for a couple hours.Happens to me sometimes. Sometimes I get too scared to get into bed. Then, for some reason I fall asleep for a little bit, with some odd, but pleasant dreams, and then re-awake to the same anxiety, and fall back to sleep.
A: Just do what I do. Get drunk the night before, then worry about it in the morning.
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