Why is my heart empty

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Maybe you suffer from depression, an estimated 19 million adults in America suffer from some form of depression. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-is-my-heart-empty ]
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The heart has never been so empty… how do i fill it??
Your question is not exactly filled with details regarding heart being empty. Many situations may produce an emptiness in the heart. So, I am going to assume this is emptiness due to the area of love. My suggestion is to experience the pain…
Is your heart empty?
Not completely. If my heart was empty I wouldn’t love pets and children. I have come to the reality that my love life has come to an end, that at age of 34 I, much like bruce banner, will walk this earth alone. in that respect, I know I’ll …
What does FMEH (redirected from Full Moon, Empty Heart (song by B…?
Full Moon, Empty Heart (song by Belly)

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Why do I feel so empty in my heart?
Q: I am 17 year old Muslim. I can’t describe it but I feel like I am not a Muslim. My heart is completely empty. When I repent, I go back to my old habits. I do a bunch of sins.
A: Amazing that this feeling happens a lot. When i feel like this i fill my heart. I fill with the words of Allah. I would recommend that you read or listen to the quran. Try to do that with translation, at least that way you will understanding what your reading or listening. I liked this lecture on youtube, it has few parts, but it is good. Its called toward understanding surah yusuf. This surah has great messages and when one is feeling so low and empty hearted this’ll do the job. Also try to give some charity, just go to the mosque and give some sadaqah, i tell it’ll feel great.As for repent and repeat. Well, try to repent again. Make dua to Allah and ask him to open your heart to only good and close it to wrong. To guide you, to take your hand and walk you to the right path. To be the voice of reasoning for you. To help you overcome all sins. Trust me Allah will help you. He helps those who truly and purely want to be helped. Also when you are doing asking Allah to help you, than try to also stay away from all the wrong acts. At first it is hard to do, but when you make a habit of it, its easy.And if all fails, fast. Fasting is a great way of beating all evil and all sins and it’ll help you a lot. I always fast if i feel my iman is getting weak or that the wrong paths are not just calling but taking me with them. Hope this helps.
Why does my heart feel so empty?
Q: I don’t like / love anyone in the moment if you want to know .I’m 13 as well .I feel like this at points .
A: Every girl wants to fall in love and be swept off her feet, you’re probably just craving that. Don’t sit around and wait for it, it’ll happen when it’s time…
why my heart is empty?
Q: all my friends have sb that they love but me NOI dont know why , I want to love someone but when I look at the guys at school I never see a suitable one for meI feel that there is a password on my heart that no one knows what it is,,,,, plz tell me how can I make my heart love someone?
A: Don’t look down on yourself for having wisdom beyond your years to realize the dangers of doing anything “stupid” just for the sake of having “whatever” or for not allowing you to give in to peer pressure. I think that you are a very special person and that you are too smart to go along with the rest just because…I suspect that you are blessed with real loving parents, especially a caring dad and a loving mom. This is what I pick up from your question. Your heart isn’t empty at all just because you happen to have a healthy brain. Don’t make the mistake of confusing being wise to being lonely. Embrace that wisdom and make “it” your best friend as it will go on guarding you from the perils of this life and safeguard you from more harm than you can yet imagine. If I were in your shoes, I’d be so grateful to have acquired such life “smarts” so young that no one would be able to say or do one single thing that could wipe the smile off of my face! and my heart would be bubbling forth with joy and peace and love for anyone or anything that could have made it possible for me to be blessed with such a mind-set.You’re a very fortunate girl. It’s just the world around you that doesn’t have the ability to recognize something they probably have no clue about! They’re not unlike the monkey who just has to do what it sees others do. You have the strength to be different in spite of everything life throws at you. Learn to thank your parents, God, and to love yourself for the “treasure” you really are!
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