Will that let you dream about what you want to dream about

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Continued…of the night. The idea is that by focusing on your dreams each day, you’ll get into the habit of remembering …MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/will-that-let-you-dream-about-what-you-want-to-dream-about ]
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What dream do you never want to let go of
The dream of having enough and needing no more
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Let’s Talk about YOUR DREAM HERE!?
Q: In your dream, do you talk to yourself ‘Hey I have dream about this before. I know this is a dream. Let me enjoy as much as I could before I wake up?’ Since I know you guys are bored. You can talk about what is in your dream and share here. It’s ok talkin non sense here as well. Just want all of u have a few laughs and later go to sleep. I will check your answers tomorrow. NITE EVERYONE!!
A: i dreamed that im legendary fairy i have lots of power i can swallow the hole durian in 1min and the other skill i have is i can climb a banana tree .yessssssssssssss wonderful dream and i dream im stronger i tear my bra and panties..hahahagrrrrrrrrrrrr……..im am the most strongest legendary fairy…….ok email me if u want [email protected]
i had a dream about one of my family members pass away y should i have told some one about it ,let one of my?
Q: in my dream i saw my cousin in a casket at a church and i was going to walk towards it put them i woke up and my heart was pounding so fast and i was scared .a couple of months later my cousin that i had the dream about had passed away and i saw exaclly what i saw in my dream so my question is : should i have told my family about this dream or let someone know about ??
A: it depends on how your cousin died. but unfortunately, we can’t turn back time. you will always be asking yourself at the back of your head, did i do the right thing and to tell you the truth. you had no idea your cousin was going to die, there was no reason to even panic about it. it was a dream and dreams only filter and sort information, helping you stay sane. maybe it was an instinct, maybe it was just coincidence but just remember, it was just a dream and there was probably nothing you could’ve done since you didn’t know it was really going it happen.
How come when i day dream about something i want, the opposit always happens.?
Q: lets say theres a guy i like, my mind will drift off and day dream me and him together, its a nice escape from reality, but i notice, the opposite will happen, like i wont see him again. or all of a sudden he wont like me. or like, i applied for a job at a restaurant, and my mind day dreamed about working there, an hour later i found out the restaurant is closing. why is this?
A: I don’t know. that never happens to me. maybe you just have bad luck
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