The Help Movie Review

I enjoyed this movie so much. I would like to see this movie win an Oscar. The story was told in a serious way but still was able to be funny at times. This is a must see for the whole family. It gives you a glance at life from two different views. It shows what life was like for black people living in the the South during the 1960’s in America and what life was like for white people. Slavery had been outlaw for many decades but still managed to survive, by changing it’s form. Now, white people had to pay their help and call them maids but for black people slavery had not changed at all. They still faced the same difficulties as before in life because of the color of their skin. I normally do not like watching movies that talk about prejudice. I find them too sad and sometime the scenes are hard to watch. This movie is not like that at all. You will be cheering for the three heroes in this movie. The ladies were able to make their point, earn some money, and most important found out that life does have more to offer them. They can do something else other then be a maid. This movie will lets you see what it was like to live in Mississippi during a time when being black meant that you could not go and apply for any job, you were limited in what you could do to earn a living. You will be laughing, and shocked, also maybe a little bit sad while watching this movie but at the end you will be happy for the heroes in this movie because it took a lot of courage for these ladies to do what they did during 1960’s.

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