The Hunger Games

In the novel The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins the main character and narrator, Katniss Everdeen, is chosen as a tribute for the Hunger Games. The Hunger Games are a means of oppression used by the Capitol, where two tributes from each of the twelve districts of Panem must fight to the death until there is only one champion. The conflicts and motivation that affect Katniss impact the plot because they create a scenario as unique as her fingerprints, one of a kind.

Katniss is faced with many challenges throughout the novel. One of which is her external conflict of having to kill the other twenty-three tributes to ensure her own survival. However, she doesn’t just fight for her own sake, but for Prim’s as well. “`I don’t care if we’re rich. I just want you to come home. You will try, won’t you? Really, really try? ` Asks Prim. `Really, really try. I swear it`, I say. And I know, because of Prim, I’ll have to.”Katniss knows that Prim needs her, which gives her a motivation that others don’t have, she is needed. Katniss has an edge that none else in the games can understand.

Katniss hates the people of the Capitol for putting her through the games but she is forced to act as charming towards them as she can. In the games having good sponsors, or any really, can be the difference between life and a horribly painful death. And if she is to win over any sponsors, she has to make the people in the Capitol fall in love with her. But how can she keep the charade when they question her? The only thing keeping her hate for the Capitol from shouting is Cinna. “` I’ll be sitting on the main platform with the other stylists. You’ll be able to look right at me. When you’re asked a question, find me, and answer it as honestly as possible` says Cinna.” He throws her a lifeline that helps her win sponsors that later saved her life in The Hunger Games. If Cinna hadn’t helped her she would have died in The Hunger Games, because of her internal conflict.

The adversaries she faces during The Hunger Games seem like insurmountable hurdles but Katniss never loses hope. She always drives forth because the thought of Prim and her promise to Rue keep her motivated. “As usual, its the thought of Prim’s anxious face as she watches me on the screen back home that breaks me from my lethargy.” ” But I told Rue I’d be there. For both of us. And somehow that seems even more important than the vow it gave Prim.” Without Rue’s and Prim’s motivation, she would have died in The Hunger Games and the story would have been completely different. Her motivation is what keeps the story in place, without it the story would not be possible.

Katniss is very unique in her world; she is full of compassion & has a drive different than anyone else’s. Without her unique conflicts and motivation the plot would be impossible and the ending unfathomable. Peeta and katniss could never have both survived if katniss were any different which would have a very significant role in the story.


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