The Hunter Looses His Quarry

December 17, 2011

I have had a very tiring day, and unfortunately, not a very productive day. I found the trail of the demon(s) that had been operating in Lewes Delaware and have pursued them north. I lost the trail near Wilmington where they ventured into an urban area. I suspect they have gone into hiding in the city; however, I do not have the resources to continue the hunt. They have outwitted me this day. Of course, with such limited equipment, if I had stumble onto them, they would have given me a run for my money. The odds would not have been in my favor at all!

But, the question is, and I am simply unable to make a full determination at this time given my limited evidence, were these demon(s) operating on their own? Or, is this a case of Goetia?

Could somebody have invoked these vermin and unleashed them on this quiet little town? The crime scene has been destroyed by the local authorities, who of course, were ignorant of the underworld forces at work here. And, unable to capture and question one of these foul creatures, I am simply at a loss on how to explain this enigma. I will of course file a report with the Order given a full account of what I know, albeit very little.

I had expected this to be a simple lecture week at the University, and not a demon inquiry and pursuit. However, it reinforces the idea that I should really come prepared for the unexpected. For the New Year, I will endeavor to always bring the full complement of anti-underworld paraphernalia, although it is rather cumbersome to carry.

I will be returning home shortly. As much as I love the lecturing circuit, I do so miss the comrades at the Boors Toke Antiquities shop. Oh, I enjoy my tea, cookies and such conversation that the lads and lassies can throw at me…. Sitting by the fire, laughing, cajoling, verbal sparring, holding court as we call it…Very soon, very soon…

I have been staying at the Marriott Residence Inn this visit, the University has made these arrangements, and they are reasonable. The staff tries their best and they have been accommodating. I should give them a fair evaluation when the time comes. I have drawn a hot bath, and am prepared to soak for several hours. I ache from the hunt this day!

I must call my housekeeper, Ms. Glean, in the morning and inform her of my travel itinerary. I think I will take the train home this time…Just some quiet time, and a chance to catch up on my readings…I will need someone to pick me up at the station…Who, do I trouble?

I had several messages from Mr. Tad Barfats this day concerning his winnings. I have had a terrible year wagering with him and he will just not leave me alone concerning his winnings. I must get a check in the mail forthwith.

Well, I wish all a good night!

And as always; “eartHay ofyay arknessDay epentRay, oryay aceFay Eternalyay Oblivionyay”

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