The Hydrogenated Truth About Trans Fat

In 1992, the FDA claimed that butter was unsafe to eat because of its saturated fat content. They told us to eat a highly processed vegetable oil blend instead. This vegetable oil blend is called hydrogenated oil. The process of hydrogenation is basically done by heating any oil and passing hydrogen bubbles through it. If the oil is fully hydrogenated, you create a solid (or fat) from the oil. If the hydrogenation process is stopped somewhere in the middle, you are left with partially hydrogenated oil which has a spreadable consistency like butter. The last of the process is refining the oil. The hydrogenated oil is steam distilled to remove any odors. Simply put, hydrogenated oil (or trans-fat) is like rancid butter that cannot be digested or eliminated from the body.

Take a look at the processed and packaged foods you have in your cabinet. Most of them will have partially hydrogenated oil on the ingredient list. This is in practically everything processed from tortilla chips to cookies, cakes and even powdered coffee creamer.

This hydrogenated oil is often called trans fat. Butter is a natural substance which has a melting point of 55 degrees Fahrenheit. When oil is hydrogenated to create trans fat, it creates a plastic like substance with a significantly higher melting point of 112 degrees Fahrenheit. Our normal body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. A severe fever of 105 degrees or more would begin to cause brain damage. Therefore, it is impossible for our bodies to produce enough heat to burn off this artificial and unhealthy fat. It is then stored in cells and in the walls of arteries. This causes a ballooning effect in the human body.

Take a look around. Since the early 90s the general population of the USA has become swollen past the point of obesity. Arteries are becoming clogged with this plastified oil and incidences of heart disease, stroke, heart attack etc… are at all-time highs.

Many people are wondering why they cannot achieve the weight loss results they want even with years of exercising. I feel that a lot has to do with the fact that our body recognizes trans-fats as a foreign substance that it cannot rid itself of.

Trans-fats are not only toxic to the human body but they also create the illusion that you are not full so you keep eating more. Our fast-food nation is obsessed with eating food that is deep fried. Most of this crispy cancer causing dead food is not only deep fried hydrogenated oil, but the oil is used over and over and over again. Reusing oil to deep fry food creates extremely dangerous free radicals. Free radicals can damage healthy cells in your body and can store fat that is very hard to get rid of. They can also cause normal healthy cells to mutate into cancerous dead tumors.

Don’t be fooled by false advertising. The food manufacturers can get away with advertising trans fat free snack on the packaging. This is not always true. In fact, I frequently see packaged foods advertised as trans fat free but then when I look at the ingredient list, low and behold partially-hydrogenated oil is in it.

This led me to recently call the comment/question hotline of a major manufacturer of corn chips in the USA and asked why this was so. They told me that if the amount of hydrogenated oil is less than 0.5 grams, it is considered a trace amount and they are therefore legally able to call it trans fat free. This is blatant deception and we are not aware of it. Trans-fat and hydrogenated oil are the same thing!

What is interesting to me is that the FDA has now changed their claim a couple years ago that butter was better all along. We need to educate ourselves because what we are told are lies. What we can do is take back our health. Eat real butter and coconut oil. These are fats that the body can actually burn off. Don’t be fooled by all of the brainwashing propaganda about saturated fats and cholesterol. These are all ways to keep Americans obese, medicated and unaware. We have a choice and a voice. Choose to use it!

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