The Imp and the Grandma

The Imp & The Grandma

The brown-eyed imp sat quietly listening to the lively tune that accompanied one of her favorite TV shows. Quiet is a contradiction in terms when defining an imp, however, this petite ball of femininity is unmistakably impish. Her playfulness is clearly visible through the mirrors of her china-doll eyes and cannot be hidden or misconstrued.

Across the room, Grandma observed the seemingly introspective imp. As it is with little imps, their minds are their own personal playground of amusement. The wheels spin and create games and fantasies, which flow through their minds like a river. Grandma knows the child would prefer to keep the game to herself, but her own impish nature gives her license to intrude.

Obviously curious about the Grandma’s reaction to the lively and inviting music, the imp glances out of the corner of her eye, hoping to maintain her private playground. Her lips pinch together forming the slightest hint of a smile. Grandma recognizes the imp’s intention and senses their connection. Grandma can’t deny herself or the child and begins to gyrate to the music. The imp can no longer suppress her smile and begins to wiggle along with her grandma. What a silly little imp. Grandma out-foxed her. The imp and the grandma are now one!

Dedicated to Annie

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