The Infinite Misuse of Power

They were a very mysterious race known as the Pleadites and they knew each other’s thoughts before their minds even created them. Their mother ship was remotely stationed on an island shaped planet in the Grayconian galaxy. In the center of his information download chamber stood Bouldro. Bouldro was the mastermind of the galaxy and was often referred to as the Shadow Elitist. The Pleadites were generally supernaturally powerful, but Bouldro had an incomparable advantage over everyone else.

The fellow Pleadites did as Bouldro said even if they didn’t know why they were doing it. Bouldro was aware of his extraordinary supernatural power and used it to control and manipulate the Pleadites. Bouldro’s secret power came from a giant crystal skull that he charged himself with every day. The people of Pleadia had no idea this was happening and just did as Bouldro said without questioning why.

The skulls’ power had no positive or negative charge, it was just power. It was the user of the power that determined how they wanted to use it. Bouldro chose to use it to his advantage and control his race. During the download, he was given the consequence of complete annihilation if the power was misused. Bouldro didn’t believe there were such things as laws of the universe. Bouldro guarded and protected this magic skull with his life. He knew that if any Pleadites found out what he was up to, the powers of his enchanted skull would annihilate the entire Pleadite race leaving nothing behind but the skull itself in an empty Grayconian galaxy.

Bouldro used this power to the max. He programmed the skull each night to send subliminal messages to all the Pleadites so they could serve as his puppet. Through the transmitting signals of the skull, he programmed the Pleadites to worship his presence and bow to him every time they passed him in the sky. This sadistic manipulation of his own people continued for nearly 26,000 years. It was during a cusp of the astrological ages when Pieltruk, one brave Pleadite snapped out of the paradigm that Bouldro created and realized that he was being controlled against his own free will.

This brave Pleadite decided to hover on over to Bouldro’s sky chamber when he was not there to see what Bouldro was hiding that made him so powerful. Well, that was the beginning of the end of Bouldro’s scheme. Pieltruk felt the overwhelming power of the skull as soon as he entered the chamber. He was immediately vacuumed in and the skull went into instant download mode. Pieltruk was given awareness about the power Bouldro was given access to and everything he was doing with it.

The skull went through the same download process as it did with Bouldro except at the end Pieltruk was given a choice. He had the option to use the power to bring awareness and free-will back to the Pleadites or he could overthrow Bouldro and continue the manipulation creation. Well, sadly Pieltruk chose to be worshipped. Suddenly there was an extremely bright white light that was accompanied by a massive explosion that was seen and heard two galaxies over. As soon as the explosion happened, it stopped and there was nothing left but the vastness of the cosmos and this giant crystal skull. The skull entered into a time portal and fell through thousands of galaxies. About 26,000 years later, it ended up next to some flamboyantly colored coral in the middle of an ocean the Milky Way galaxy.

Bouldro made the fatal mistake of using universal sacred power against his own people and paid the price. The giant skull now sits at the bottom of the ocean watching the fish evolve until the next life form discovers it and taps into the magical powers.

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