The Internet and Computers

The Internet and Computers

When using the internet, sometimes one has several problems with their computer that is not a result of the internet but the computer. There are different ways that one can increase the speed and productivity of their computer. In the following paragraphs are tips on how to make the best use of one’s computer and the internet.

Make sure the computer has a decent Graphics card. I highly recommend AMD Radeon. My experiences tell me that they have been the best cards within most price ranges. With a good graphics card the computer will run a lot more efficient on the internet.

Make sure the memory used is right for one’s computer. If it works at all it can slow things way down. So, when selecting memory upgrade select carefully. Check the computers owners Manuel making sure that the computer has the right type and size of memory. The more memory the faster the computer will run on the internet.
The type of internet used is very important. Using a high speed internet provider such as DSL or Roadrunner is very important. These Internet providers usually come with a firewall of their own. Turn off your Windows firewall and Windows Defender on the computer. I do not recommend running more than one firewall at a time. Check with your internet service provider and see if they are running a fire wall and if they are turn off the computers firewall and windows defender.
For accounts such as AOL make sure the password is as complicated as one can get it. Hacking an account has nothing to do with firewall virus protection etc. It is because the password was too easy to figure out.

Choose a simple but effective virus protection. One does have to spend any money to choose a decent one. My advice is to use AVG Free on the computer. AVG has a free version that is very good and I use it on my own computer.

Make sure the computer being good is up to date if possible and all of the updates are kept current. A computer is more susceptible from attack from the internet if these updates are not kept current. This also applies to the virus protection on the computer.

My final advice is to keep the computers desktop clear of clutter. The more clutter on the desktop the more resources is used up. The least clutter on the desktop the more resources available to the computer. The more resources available to the computer the more efficient the internet will run on the computer. Remove any background programs that are not necessary to run the computer and run anything else manually.

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