The Jersey Shore: Like More Than Friends Epi. 2

On last night’s episode more of the same, Partying. The group went out to the club and got white boy wasted again. Mainly Ronnie. Single Ronnie became Drunken Ronnie. While being tore up from the floor up, Ronnie told the guys that he slept with 4 girls in 4 days before leaving for Italy as Sammi stood close by listening.

Deena begged Pauly D to please smooch with her; no strings attached. Yeah, right Deena! You can almost see that turning into a disaster. Pauly D was hesistant because he knew Deena would “catch feelings”. So while Deena stumbled around to Pauly D’s bed, Pauly D pretended to be asleep and Deena shuffled away.

Snookie and Mike had a moment discussing their friendship. Mike relates that he thinks they are more than friends and he has feelings for Snooks. Where the hell was that coming from? Mike is weird to me.

Anyhoo, Mike does what he does and found a random, not cute American girl who was DTF. He brought her home and kicked her out as soon as the condom was flushed. Wow lady, you just humiliated yourself on national television.

Later, Sammi tried to seduce Ronnie by laying her head on his shoulder and asking if they could lie in bed and cuddle. Cuddling meaning smooching. Sammi told Ron she missed and loved him. You could see Ronnie begin to melt but he didn’t give in. Whatever Sammi. Your boy Ron has a new chic on his mind, Hannah. Hannah is a chic from home. He already asked her to visit him in Italy. What to the What?!?

Oh almost forgot. The group also got a job at a local Pizza Shop. Later that day, the group went to get lunch on the rooftop of a restaurant. The beautiful lunch quickly turns into silence. Earlier, Deena told everyone the previous night, Mike tried to cuddle with her, yes Deena. Deena wasn’t feeling it; so she got up and smoked a ciggie.

As they were at lunch, Pauly D brought up that earlier convo; trying to out Deena. Mike told Deena, “you know I don’t like you right” Pauly totally threw Deena under the bus. However, he later apologized and bought Deena a bracelet.

Well, next week Mike lets the cat out the bag that he slept with Snookie. Mike doesn’t have any kinda ‘guy code or smooching code’. Mike should change his name from the Situation to Messy Mike.

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