The Ladies Man Announced as the 4th Competitor in the 6th Annual Kowalski Cup Tournament

Saturday Night Live alum Tim Meadows might have played The Ladies Man in Hollywood, but Gregory Edwards lives the life of The Ladies Man everyday. The wildly popular and always controversial personality will take center stage at Top Rope Promotions 6th Annual Kowalski Cup on October 7th 2011. The eight man single elimination tournament will be held at the Police Athletic League in Fall River, Massachusetts.

In addition to The Ladies Man, Top Rope Promotions has also announced Ring of Honor star “Prodigy” Mike Bennett, Matt Magnum and Julian Starr as competitors in this year’s tournament. Four more competitors will be named in the upcoming days.

For The Ladies Man, being included in this year’s tournament was unexpected. The Ladies Man recently returned to active competition in January 2011 after over a year on the sidelines. Due to several years of wear and tear from wrestling, Edwards had to get surgery on his shoulder. After the procedure, doctors advised The Ladies Man never to wrestle again. But after a year away from the ring, and extensive physical therapy, Edwards in looking to once again become the top dog in Top Rope Promotions.

In the last few months, The Ladies Man has shown a renewed sense of pride. And that pride exudes from his cocky demeanor and self serving attitude. Although Edwards was never at a loss for words, standing by his side these days is his manager Marshal McNeil. The two individuals were seemingly made for one another, as they have similar personalities. Both are arrogant and display a sharp tongue towards the fans of Top Rope. Marshal has been searching for a competitor that he could bring to the top of the ladder, and knew The Ladies Man fit the bill. It was a match made in Heaven.

The Ladies Man is a former multi-time Top Rope Promotions Tag Team Champion and Interstate Champion. He has been wrestling for ten years and was trained by Spike Dudley. In addition, The Ladies Man has tons of experience in main event caliber matches. He has wrestled some of the biggest stars of yesterday and today. This includes Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Brutus Beefcake, Simon Diamond, Shark Boy, and the late Luna Vachon.

The Ladies Man also holds the distinction of being the only wrestler in the tournament to wrestle Killer Kowalski. In 2007, Kowalski (with help from Freightrain) pinned Edwards in a quick match at a Top Rope Promotions event.

The Ladies Man adds a whole new dimension to the 6th Annual Kowalski Cup Tournament. And one has to wonder if his manager Marshal McNeil will be on hand to make sure his man gets the duke. Catch The Ladies Man in action on October 7th 2011 in Fall River, Massachusetts as Top Rope Promotions presents the 6th Annual Kowalski Cup Tournament.

Chance of Winning: The odds of The Ladies Man winning The Kowalski Cup Tournament is above average. Although he was sidelined for a year, Edwards has come back in the best shape of his life. The Ladies Man has always been a part of TRP’s main event scene, and with the dastardly Marshal McNeil by his side, victory could very well be his fate.

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