The Maiden Who Cried in the Stream

In the valley, deep in the forest lied a creek where the water ran pure and clean.

One day a young woman wept, her tears like drops of rain purified the stream.

She’d cry for days, and soon the stream flowed bigger and the current grew to a ravishing river.

The people began to wonder in the village below for how could the brook grow and grow?

The fish were plenty and soon more and more people lived by the plentiful river’s edge.

Tales were abound, and soon the river bore silver and gold.

Miners traveled up and down to find their fortune and a hope to see this elusive young girl- the one who cried in the stream.

And one day it happened, beyond anyone’s imagination. There it was. A beautiful young girl knelt crying by the river. Her tears dropping like rain. Turning colors of gold and silver and blue and green.

The miner he tried to reach her, her long hair whispering in the wind. But she dove into the water, her body so elusive she melted in the stream.

And so the Legend lived on: “The beautiful young maiden who cried in the stream.”

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