The Meadow

Happy flowers just dancing in the summer breeze,

While blinding sunlight warms their reaching leaves.

The meadow springs to life.

Just living in the moment day by day,

Lovely colors blended by God’s Hand.

Nature true and endless as is time.

No right or wrong or good or bad just time

In this meadow caressed by the warm breeze.

Growing ever changing without the human hand

While butterflies dance delicately on leaves.

Enjoying the softness of the day

No worries, no cares, simply life.

The beauty of the meadow is simply life

Never wavering through the changing time.

The daisies and the roses glow all day

Music of joy heard whispering on the breeze

By humming bees perched amongst the leaves

Like a diamond on a lady’s hand.

A symphony of sound without a conductor’s hand

That brings the meadow’s living back to life

The gold of the sun plays lightly on the leaves.

While nature cycles it is often without time.

Nature is alive within the gentle breeze

It is always lovely in a meadow’s day.

Night must fall after each lovely day

Sunset is there to lend a hand.

The moon can also take from the breeze

As the warmth is only one part of life.

Nothing is unaware of time

It is felt even by the butterflies on the leaves.

So evening falls and shines upon the leaves

Beauty goes on as with the day.

Dances that do not stop because of time

Make the flowers under moonlight stretch their hand.

For all living things are full of life

And all things dance upon a gentle breeze.

God’s Hand gives life to the lovely meadow

Time can’t take what flits upon the breeze,

The leaves and flowers dance throughout the day.

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