The Meaning of a Life

It’s days like today that make me realize perhaps everything does happen for a reason.
That the decisions in our past life affect this life and this life in the next.
That those random choices we make were not random at all.
Starting from the day I picked at random a new random band off the 2008 band list for Warped Tour, Mayday Parade.
That my stubborn choice to leave Fullerton and blindly venture to the Art Institute of Orange County, would change my life forever.
That those friendships I made and those I lost were not in vain or the relationships that I cried over made me stronger.
And finally those people and teachers I have met by random chance who taught me to believe in myself and what I love.
And to those teachers that told me I have potential, without them I would not be anxiously awaiting emails from publishers for three separate books or would be a contestant for a fresh grill competition coming up at school in the next few weeks.
It is in that moment when the person who inspires you is inspired in return by what I have done because of their influence on my life.
Mayday parade lifts me up with their lyrics making me want to put that same passion written on the page before me and I write because I was told I was meant to.

Nothing is by chance; everything happens for a reason.

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