The Minivan – A Great Car and a Necessary Family Accessory

We rented a Dodge minivan on a ski trip the year after they hit the market. It was such a great car that we said we needed to give serious thought to buying one. The minivan was able to go through snow with no problem because it had front-wheel drive. It easily accommodated the multitude of luggage that four adults carried on a 10-day ski trip. We found that the seats were easily removable and could accommodate multiple pairs of skis and boots.

Later that year, on a summer trip with our three children, we rented a minivan to try it with five passengers along with a lot of luggage, books, a large cooler, tote bags and more. Our children loved the minivan, especially our youngest daughter, who thought that the middle row was hers and hers alone. She had a great time there.

After the summer rental, we decided it was time to make the move and purchase a minivan. The minivan was a great choice for our family. It hauled so much luggage, groceries and many items from Home Depot among other stores. Paying for delivery from most stores became outdated as we could haul many items simply by removing the last row or both rear rows of seats. In the beginning, however, it was not unusual to exit a store and find people surrounding the car, peeking in and trying to determine if it was the vehicle for them.

After the first minivan, we graduated to a Grand Caravan. We continued to purchase that type because of its size. We have had a number of Dodge minivans and have encouraged other couples with children to purchase them as well. They are very comfortable and safe vehicles.

When we purchased the first minivan, we lived a few blocks away from a well known race driver. One day, after arriving home, there came a knock at the front door. When I looked through the peephole, this person introduced himself and said that he wanted to speak to the person who had just driven that minivan past his house. When I replied that I had just driven the car home, he explained that he was about to be given a minivan by a car dealer and wanted to check it out first. He asked if he could see my car and test drive it. I arranged for him to return when my husband arrived home from work. After driving the car, he told my husband that it was also the vehicle for him.

This was a very long time ago. In the intervening years, there have been other minivans. Our children have even given affectionate names to some of these vehicles. Although we have had other cars as well, the minivan will always be a part of our family. No other car can match its functionality, sleek looks, size, interior space, gas mileage and comfort.

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