Can brain tumors be cured

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There are different types of treatment for brain tumors; surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. There are varied results . [ Source: ]
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Benign brain tumors can be or they can grow back as cancerous. Cancerous brain tumors can be removed depending on what part of the brain it’s in. However, more often than not, they will eventually grow back, many times at a higher grade tha…
You would have to ask a professional that question or the person going to look about it.
There are different types of treatment for brain tumors; surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. There are varied results .

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Can early detection help in curing brain tumors?
Q: What are the measures that we can take to detect a brain tumor in it’s earliest stage. Also can it be cured if it’s diagnosed very early by regular checkups.
A: Not gonna happen. Ct or mri is the only way to tell you have a brain tumor. Insurance is not going to authorize an mri for the heck of it. I have to get preapproval before every mri. Can’t be cured; can be cut out of your head. Almost 100% it will eventually grow back.They would only use the spinal tap if it’s mets to the brain or spinal cord…to see where it originated, not to detect a brain tumor.
Can accupunture cure brain tumors or brain injuries?
Q: I recall my father viewing an episode of In Search Of that explored the healing power of acupuncture. They were showing a team doctors removing a tumor with needles on a woman. Was that true?
Is it really true that you can naturally cure brain tumors?
Q: I was on this forum about brain tumors and there was this girl who’s sister had a brain tumor in her neck and brain and she was told to go home and die by the doctor, but she killed the tumors naturally and the doctors couldn’t believe it, apparently she avoided sugar, as it “fed the tumors”.Do you think this is true, or is it a lie?’s the forum I got it from.
A: Whatever “forum” you were on, they’re spreading garbage and false hope.(or you’re just making it up to cause trouble) NO dr would tell a brain cancer patient to just go home and die. NO dr would not try with all their knowledge to treat the tumor. Not to mention, if by some chance you could avoid ALL sugar, every cell in your body utilizes sugar and will make its own from whatever goes into the body. What you posted is totally false any way you look at it.I guess some people on that forum are just grasping at false hope. I didn’t see direct link for that question.Post link to actual post. I didnt see it on there.
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