Can you get a pocket of infection from a tooth

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A:A cavity then forms in the alveolar bone and fills with pus. This pocket of infection is called an abscess. The pressure (more) [ Source: ]
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Can you get a pocket of infection from a tooth
A cavity then forms in the alveolar bone and fills with pus. This pocket of infection is called an abscess. The pressure (more)

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Can a Chronic tooth infection cause Low WBC?
Q: I have had a tooth that has ben bleeding,and infected for 3 months,I realize that this is unhealthy,but i wasnt able to get it pulled at the time.As of now there is a luttle pus pocket in the gum below the tooth,and the tooth no longer hurts,or bleeds.I also couldnt get it pulled because was on Medrol like presidone for a bit,and you cant have dental work done.Than i was on a cream steroid for 5 weeks..Im now able to get it pulled but i had to CBC test and it showed a Low White Blood cell Count,from the Lymphopena (the Leckooytis) are low..Could it be from the the chronic infection,I know its more of a viral,or a HIV thing whwn your WBC is low I was just wondering if a chronic infection could lower that particular white blood cell…Maybe the steroids did??Anybody know?
A: yes infection can lead to low WBC,specially if you have been bleeding,also if you were taking drugs,if you have an inmune disease,folic acid or vit b12 deficiency,you can ask your doctor about medications that increase WBC levels in the meantime you can eat a balanced diet,avoid injury,germs,and rest.
I would Like to know about Blood Poison and how having an Abscessed tooth can Contribute to It thnx?
Q: i have always believed that if you get and abcessed tooth you can most likely contract blood poison from it if you pulled the tooth while the infection is present is this true?? also i went to a dentist who was going to pull the tooth but was not going to do anything about he infection and when i was told all they were going to do is pull the tooth and nothing about the infection i got up out of the chair and walked out did i do the right thing?? i have since gone to another doctor and they have prescribed an antibiodic meds to help me get rid of the infection and then they are going to help me find another dentist. did i do right by walking out or was i in the wrong because i was told wrong about never having a tooth pulled while infection is present in the mouth around the abcessed tooth thnx i am trying to survive such pain from the pressure of the infection pocket i am in need of help thnx
A: You were right in leaving. I mean you should always trust your gut instinct where your health is concerned and you are able toget a second opinion. I heard the same thing. When I had a tooth that got so abscessed that I ended up with cellulitus on my face itwas so swollen they ended up putting in the hospital on IV antibiotic therapy. No dentist would touch that tooth becuase of all the poison in the tooth. The only thing I would have asked is maybe if it is just a small abcess it is not necessary to wait. However everyone in my family has always had to wait for the swelling to go down. Good luck and hope you feel better
Does anyone know if you can get a abcess after the infected tooth has been pulled.?
Q: My son had trauma to one of his front teeth when I took him to the dentist to have his teeth cleaned they took a xray and said the tooth was infected from the trauma and gave a antibiotic he then got a big blister above the tooth so they pulled the tooth and to finish the antibiotics. Well it has been a month and now he has another blister on his gums where the first one was it is smaller than the first one. i took him back to the dentist who did a couple of xrays to check the other teeth around it to make sure there was no infection in those teeth and to check his adult tooth which has not came in yet because he is only 3. There was no infection that they could see on the xrays. So he put him on another antibiotic and said it is like a pocket of infection in the gum. I dont understand how there can be a abscesss with no infected tooth is this possible.
A: Yes you can
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