Can you have a tear gland removed

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You probably would not want to because the protective system of glands and ducts (called tear ducts) keeps your eyes from drying out. There is no surgery to remove them in humans but dogs can have them removed to reduce tear volume. ChaCha! [ Source: ]
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Can you have a tear gland removed
You probably would not want to because the protective system of glands and ducts (called tear ducts) keeps your eyes from drying out. There is no surgery to remove them in humans but dogs can have them removed to reduce tear volume. ChaCha!
Can the tear gland in the eye be removed and how??
I doubt this would ever be done but it certainly not be done unless by a doctor.

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How can i get rid of this lump on my eyelid without surgery?
Q: I’ve had this on my top eyelid for a couple of years now. It dosn’t hurt and kind of just appeared there. I went to the doctors and he said something about it being a blocked tear gland and i could have it removed. But i don’t like the sound of is there anyway of getting rid of it another way? I have tried hot compresses etc and thats not worked. It dosn’t show when i have been asleep but after a couple of hours of being awake or if i get tired you can notice it.So i kind of have to lay down in the day before i go out so it sort of relaxes it and it don’t show!! What can i do?
A: If it is on the eyelash line, it is probably a stye, and antibiotic drops might work. If in is up on the lid itself, it is probably a chalazion, which will need to be excised. And I hate to tell you, but it hurts like a s.o.b. when they give you the shot to numb the lid.
Does facial hair grow back after radiation therapy?
Q: Hi I had radiation therapy on one side of my face after a tumor was removed below my ear. All of my hair from my beard on one side of my face has fallen out and the hair on one side of my head as well. Does anyone know if the hair does grow back and if there is anything to do to quicken the process? Its been a few months and so far i don’t see anything happening. Is there anyone that knows anything about this or has experienced this and can give me some information?This is a very difficult time for me as i am suffering from many other side affects as well like no tear ducts in my eye and no salivary glands in my mouth but the hair is something that everybody sees and it is very uncomfortable for me going out in public this way.Thank you so much in advance!Joe
A: From experience from my brother who had radiation, and from my dog as well, no, it is unlikely that the hair will grow back. But….read the bottom, too.My brother had a cancerous salivary gland removed, and lost the ability to produce saliva from the remaining gland on that side of his mouth. The other side was not affected. His beard, and his hair remained thin. It never all fell out. But it never all grew in, either.My dog had a cancerous tumor in her hock (hind leg joint) removed, and endured 21 days of radiation. The hair never returned, but both my brother (this was 30 years ago) and my dog, (3 years ago) are alive, and well. And I’d take that over having hair and dead any day.I’m thinking a plastic surgeon could use your chest or pubic hair (it has the same type of follicle) to transplant in plugs for a beard, and other hair at the back of your head to replace hair above your ear….., like that which is done for balding men.Check into it.
I am in pain, numb, and am scared I am dying!?
Q: First, about me:24 year-old femaleHeight – 5 foot 8 and 1/4 inchesWeight – 121 poundsExisting medical problems – Anxiety; Asthma; Depression; Severe Dental Caries (Including 5 teeth that will be removed by an oral maxillofacial surgeon on the 17th of this month); Left-Sided Ulcerative Colitis, with related Anemia from the bleedingI have been extremely sick since my second colonoscopy of the year, on the 15th of June. I have spent my entire summer vacation short of breath and weak. Before this, I used to work out every day, 30 minutes on the treadmill, weights and stretches for an hour, and time at the gym.About five days ago, I started having severe pain between my shoulder blades in my back. Two days ago, I had an extremely sore neck that became so stiff, I couldn’t tip it back. I could, however, move it forward.That only lasted one day, and since then, I have just had all over muscle pain, mostly the same pain in between my shoulder blades, but my arms and legs ache too. Every time I move, I feel the weakness onset and I feel like I am going to collapse.I have severe dizziness that onset a few days ago as well, along with hot flashes and chills. I also feel not quite upset to my stomach, but like I can’t digest anything. I have pain and pressure from my head to my sternum, to my lower back… and now, I am writing because I am hurting badly in my legs, and they keep going numb. First it was my feet, then my left leg, now both. The pain in my upper body is miserable, and I am extremely hot. However, I have no fever…I am scared witless. I am so scared, I feel like I am going to die, I live my life in fear for it with each passing day. I can’t stop crying – the keyboard is having a bath in my tears as I write. Please help, I have been to the ER and my doctor several times, who give me Ativan and send me home. So lately I’ve had my fair dose of Ativan, but I’ll tell you what, I am sick of that crap and as of today, refuse to take it anymore.Please, someone, help me, I am so scared I can’t stand it… please! I am afraid to fall asleep now; every time I fall asleep, it’s worse. My glands in my neck are swollen, I am so tired but so scared… please, please…
A: honey u need to go back to the er and tellthem that ur not leaving the er until they figure out wtf is wrong with u.. i feel so bad for u right now.. but i cant do anything for u.. u need to go the er like right now..
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