Can you run on a torn acl

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Running with a torn ACL shouldn’t be a problem. If it bothers you too much, you may want to think about surgery to repair it. [ Source: ]
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Can you run on a torn acl
Running with a torn ACL shouldn’t be a problem. If it bothers you too much, you may want to think about surgery to repair it.
Should I run outside with a torn ACL and menicus?
If you know it is torn than you have been to the doctor. What did your doctor tell you to do? I doubt he/she told you to run with your brace on. Follow your orthopedic surgeons advice. If you think you have trouble now just re-injure you…
Is running with a completely torn acl and a torn lateral meniscus…?
Sorry to hear about your knee. But please don’t run, you’ll just do more damage. My husband’s been running on a torn meniscus for months but didn’t get the right diagnosis. Now his knee is really beat up and the surgery will be extensive. T…

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Can I run with a torn ACL and torn meniscus?
Q: I’m going to see a doctor soon for medical advice, but in the meantime, I’d like to hear from anyone who has gone through something similar.In my left knee, I have a torn ACL and a torn meniscus. I’m carrying some extra weight, which I would like to lose, and running is the only exercise program that has ever really been effective for me, even with the help of personal trainers.Has anyone run a lot on a similarly injured knee? Can you offer any advice as far as surfaces and distances that worked especially well? (Obviously soft surfaces and short distances would be best, so I’m looking for specifics.)
A: I had a similar injury. I completely tore my ACL and meniscus(also tore my MCL)… an injury known as the “terrible triad”).I went through reconstructive surgery shortly after the injury.Be very careful right now!!! Your knee is very unstable. You’re taking a big risk by running. A simple tear can become a complete rupture if you reinjure yourself. Risk of re-injury is high right now.It’s a good idea to do isolated physio stretches to keep the joint limber. It’s also good to to do isolated quad and calf exercises to keep these muscles strong. But be very careful… If you absolutely must run…. 1.) Let pain be your guide. If it hurts then stop running. 2.) You need to aviod injury by running in a completely straight line on a completely flat surface. ie a treadmill would be your only option!! Anything else would lead to disaster. 3.) Look into getting fitted for a serious brace that won’t allow for any lateral movement. 4.) Do not run “a lot”. That would lead to disaster too. Or 5.) Try something else…. swimming is your best option:-it’s non-weight bearing-a great way to stay in shape-& as long as you DO NOT do the whip kick (breast stroke), you won’t run the risk of reinjury. (Stick with the flutter kick – front crawl.)PS. Many people live a long and happy sports life with a torn ACL. If you opt for the surgery be prepared for some hard work in physio.
Can you continue to run on an elliptical trainer after having a completely torn ACL?
Q: I have been diagnosed with a completely torn ACL and a tear in the meniscus after I twisted my knee during a fall. I am thinking about surgery in the next year or so. Meanwhile I would like to continue my fitness routine to prevent gaining weight and running in a elliptical trainer (controlled running) was what worked best for me before the injury. I have no pain now when I do it. Can I continue this? Are there any wear/tear issues that I should be aware of? I did ask my doc about this and he said that it should be perfectly fine for me, but would like to hear from others too.
A: If you doctor say so you should be ok. The ACL tear is already torn so it won’t get worse. What could get worse is the meniscus tear. Riding a bike or stationary bike would be a safer bet for the meniscus tear.
My 9 yo beagle has a torn ACL, anyone have similar situation?
Q: My 9 year old beagle who has Cushing’s has a torn ACL. We went to the vet and he told us that he wants to rest him for 2 weeks and see if it starts to heal itself which is possible. If it’s not showing improvement he said surgery is an option. Has anyone ever run into a similar situation? My mother seems to think this is the end and we have to put him down, yet I see so many stories about recovering on the Internet from this issue, with dogs that have had the same issues as mine. Should I really be thinking he has to be put down for this? He’s a really happy dog, you can see in his eyes that he wants us to help him get better, he’s not grimacing or giving up. It’s causing huge arguments between myself and my mother.Thank you all for your responses. If the retired vet reads this again, its not an issue of money or anything. We are willing to pay whatever it costs to make the dog healthy, I guess we just wanted to know if its possible for this situation. From the responses I’ve seen so far it is. I’m 23 so I know a fair share about these things too, maybe my mother is being too pessimistic about it. Thank you so much I’ll take it up with the vet. He’s a great dog that we adopted from the shelter and I dont think he’s ever done anything wrong. He’s been an angel.Feel free to e-mail me if you’d like jeremiah_trotter on yahoo.Justin
A: I am a retired veterinarian. This is not an uncommon situation. If you can keep him from jumping and running for a couple weeks and if it is not completely torn, it can improve. Otherwise it is a surgical condition but the animals can do quite good after surgery. Nine years old is not that old. But with the Cushings they tend to be overweight and their ligaments are a little weaker. The surgery would make it a very strong knee. Try to hang in there and see if it heals and if not, maybe your mother will agree to the surgery if he is a great dog otherwise.
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