Could staph itch

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A:Yes, but Staphylococcal of the skin usually results in a localized collection of pus, known as an abscess, boil, or furuncle. [ Source: ]
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Could staph itch
Yes, but Staphylococcal of the skin usually results in a localized collection of pus, known as an abscess, boil, or furuncle.
Does staph infection itch?
You should be fine. Staph would not itch, unless maybe during the time when it’s healing.
Does staph itch?
a staph infection doesnt itch. it’s more like a spider bite. if you think you may have either you should see a doctor to make sure it’s not mrsa

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Does staph infection itch?
Q: I was wondering, because I went to my friends and stayed the night with her and she has staph. She is taking medication for it, but me being stupid I slept in the same bed with her (just friends). Well, she said I could only get it if I touched it, so she wore pajama pants. And I don’t think her mom would have let me stay and let her have a pool party if it wasn’t safe. But I’m paranoid and afraid that I might have it. I got spots on my legs that itch. Now, they might be mosquito bites cause we were outside until 11. But I could have still got it from her, right? She told me it just really hurts.. Mine doesn’t hurt, it itches really bad. If I scratch more, and scratch other ares will it spread (if it’s staph) I stayed at her house 2 nights ago. So if I did have it, would it be like this already? She said it doesn’t itch, but maybe it does before it gets bad? I dunno. I’m just paranoid.. Please help me D;
A: You should be fine. Staph would not itch, unless maybe during the time when it’s healing.
Can you get a staph infection on the outside of your gential area?
Q: i’ve been having these reocurring small like sores that itch sometimes, but only like one at a time…my ob dr said it looked like a staph infection. but he didnt recommend anything for me, the one i showed him went away 2mnths ago but now i have another sore again and it is bothersome for about 3 weeks now…could this be a staph infection?
A: First, get another doctor!!! Any doctor that looks at a sore on your genital area and recommends nothing for clearing it up is not helping. If it looked like a staph infection, he should have given you some type of antibiotic, at least I would think!!!Forgive me, but is it possible you could have Herpes? Have you been tested? Have your OB or even PCP, test you for HSV-2. I don’t know all of the signs and symptoms but I do know that you can get sporadic outbreaks, and it doesn’t have to be alot. You can get 1 bump as an outbreak. Or could it be a boil? Boils I believe are caused by a staph infection. However, your doctor should have done some type of treatment. Lanced it or given you some type of antibiotic to help speed healing. Or maybe he should have suggested that you take extra warm epson salt baths to help with bringing the boil to a “head” so that it will express on its own. Anything that will give you relief. A boil can be VERY PAINFUL!! Go back to the doctor and have them do something. Anything that is in the groin area is dangerous! Your vaginal health is important!
Could this be staph? (please help)?
Q: About a week ago I got a sharp pain by my butt that felt like a bug bite, and I thought nothing of it. Last night, my boyfriend showed me his leg and said he didn’t know what was wrong with it. He had several scabs that had a dot in the middle, and when squeezed yellow pus came out. When squeezed a second time, only blood came out. I didn’t say anything to him, but I thought it could be staph. When I got home, I squeezed my own “bug bite” and the same yellow pus came out.These scabs ache, and itched at first. The bump is so big it shows through my shorts. Ouch.Do you think it’s staph?
A: yes, it is staph most likely. go see your dr. you need antibiotics to get rid of it. in some cases it can be mrsa staph that is resistant to some antibiotics. but it can get worse and can even spread inside the body and become septic in worst case scenarios. i get staph alot for some reason. about once a year. be sure to bleach your sheets and things and lysol the house really good.
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