Could you die from an abscessed tooth

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A:It is possible. Untreated tooth abscess is very dangerous. If abscessed tooth left untreated, the tooth infection can spread(MORE) [ Source: ]
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Can you die if an abscessed tooth busts open?
SEPTICEMIA ANY infection needs to be treated immediately with antibiotics, as you could become VERY sick if the infection enters your bloodstream. If you get “blood poisoning” and it goes untreated you could possibly die. <<…
Do you know anyone who has died from a tooth abscess??
I have never heard of this happening to someone I knew personally, but I have heard of it happening. Any infection can spread into any part of your body and may or may not lead to death. Any infection located inside of your head is more so …
Can you die from a tooth abscess?
Yes you can die from an abscessed tooth. If you have Ludwig’s angina, which affects parts of the face and the lower jaw. It usually occurs in adults suffering from a tooth abscess that was never treated. The danger is that it can grow enoug…

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i have a cavity or abscess tooth?
Q: and i missed my dentist appointment a couple weeks ago…i read that you could die from it?is that really true?cause i dont wanna die from it :$
A: Depends on where the absess is-upper quadrant poses more risks since so close to the nasal/sinus cavity.If in desparate pain, go to ER. they’ll prescribe antibiotic to try to clear infection until you can see a dentist.
Dental abscesses. Need help with how dangerous this is please!?
Q: I lost a huge filling on my farthest top back tooth. It had a root canal 7 years ago. When I lost the filling a few months ago, it didn’t hurt, until the past few weeks. I can feel the little screw in there from the work that was done before..Food is getting caught in that 1 tooth. I now have to pick it out (sorry that is GROSS, but it’s necessary). The dentist at the time told me I had several abscesses beginning to form. Hot and cold food absolutely kills me now on my left side.Also 1 or 2 of the farthest back bottom teeth have some type of abscess too. I believe they all had root canals, but I’m not positive.I am on disability and I did not and do not have the money to fix this problem. It was never painful before, but now I am close to being in agony and I am eating Advil and Tylenol with Codeine to try and keep the pain at bay. It’s not working, but it’s better than nothing.My friend told me if I didn’t take care of it…I could die from sepsis from the abscesses. I have not been feeling well and now my jaw feels hot and it’s getting harder to chew or put anything hot or cold in my mouth as the pain is unbearable if I do.I know I must see a dentist, the money is the problem.Is it true I could die from leaving the abscess too long? I’m terrified I will lose my teeth. I also have tiny abscesses on the other side too (the dentist told me that about 7 months ago). All of these abscesses started after I had all my mercury fillings taken out and the dentist at the time, knew I had an acidity problem.but I spent thousands of dollars to get my whole mouth fixed. My new dentist said it was wrong for that dentist to have put the white fillings in because there is erosion at the gumline which he feels has started the infections.I live in Canada. I don’t know what to do as I am sure this will cost several thousands of dollars again.The pain is getting much worse, I’m afraid I could die, afraid I’ll lose my teeth (I do take care of them other than this).Can I die from this or is it just that it’s painful and I have to deal with the pain until I get enough money?My jawbone itself is beginning to be very painful and it’s hard for me to even open my mouth or move my jaw back and forth. It almost feels like I have a fever in my jawbone, as weird as that may sound. The pain has just started to shoot down from my jaw down through my glands in my throat on the same side as the abscesses.If you are a professional, can you please help me to know just how serious this is? Is it just pain or an infection that can cause me great harm?Thank you very much for your advise.
A: If you do not take care of this problem you will 100% for sure lose you teeth. I know, I did not take care of my teeth for years and I have lost 4 teeth. I would get root canals, not get the crowns and then be in pain all over again. The abscess is dangerous. Quite possibly fatal. I don’t know what dental is like in Canada, I thought it was better than in the USA. You absolutely must find a dentist and get these problems fixed. It has taken me 3 years and my dentist has prioritized my problems and has fixed them according to my insurance. It is a long process but I have not been in pain for over a year. You must take care of your teeth. They are the only teeth you have.
i think i have a tooth abscess…?
Q: my gum is so swollen it is gapping a couple of my molars and its throbbing…but hurts more in the side of my head than my tooth right now. i’ve had problems on the other side of my jaw where it would swell and hurt so bad i could barely eat but this is different. i’m literally beginning to feel sick.i’m in tears, not because of the pain, but because i know i have to go to the dentist and i’m absolutely terrified. i’ve been putting off going for years while my wisdom teeth have been corroding my molars slowly…but surely. what kind of pain am i looking at here? i’ll probably need at least one root canal…i’ve had cavities and had them filled as a child–didn’t hurt very much…can i expect anything similar to this or will the pain be horrendous? as well as with getting my wisdom teeth removed…how bad does this really hurt? i’d almost rather die than have to get this all taken care of…and from what i know if it is bad enough you literally can so i guess i sort of have to now….help!!!
A: Just to let you know you can actually die from from dental caries if let untreated for a long time. You must see your dentist asap as abcesses can spread through the bone marrow causing osteomyelitis (infection of bone or bone marrow), spread into soft tissues causing cellulitis, or spread through the lymphatics or blood. I don’t know if the pain will be bad or not but there’s something called painkillers that should help. I also have no idea how the treatment will be. I’m still learning about oral pathology.I know that this will probably scare you & I might be over exaggerating as I’m not qualified yet but those are the complications of a dental abcess. It’s best to be over cautious then too relaxed.
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