Could your teeth hurting be a symptom of pregnancy

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A:No, it may be a symptom of an abscesses tooth! [ Source: ]
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Are sensitive teeth a pregnancy symptom?
It’s a common symptom because when pregnant you start loosing essencial vitamins and proteins needed for the newborn also the sensitivity on your teeth is because you also are losing calcium and calcium is an esencial element for your newbo…
Is tooth pain a symptom of pregnancy?
Your teeth become ‘softer’ when your pregnant and pregnant women usually have trouble with this and their gums. I think this is usually well into a well established pregnancy because the baby is taking the goodness from your teeth. Mouth ul…
Are sensitive teeth and sore gums a pregnancy symptom??
Yes, definitely. By the time I was 2 months pregnant, I could no longer wear my retainer because it was plastic and it applied pressure to my gums and it made them so sore and bleed. Just make sure you go to the dentist every 6 months and l…

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Pregnancy & teeth hurting?
Q: Okay…it’s me again w/another question. Me and my husband were ttc last month. I haven’t had my period since March 24th. We had sex on my fertile days in April. Yet none of the test I took said positive. I can’t go to the doc yet b/c I don’t have insurance…it’s in the works. So, anyways I have experienced some pregnancy symptoms and then gave up on the whole idea when every test I took said negative. Now, today my teeth have begun hurting so bad. Not my gums, my top front teeth. They feel so brittle and like air is going straight through them. I thought if I was preggo it could be the baby taking all my calcium since I don’t take much in regularly. Has anybody else ever experienced this while pregnant? Also, a nurse at a free clinic said that some women won’t show a positive urine test till 2-3 months of pregnancy. I’ve never heard of that and it didn’t happen with my other pregnancies. What could be going on w/me? I would like to hear your experiences if u can relateNo, I don’t grind my teeth…I wouldn’t be able to stand it. I don’t think I’m putting myself through so much stress. I would appreciate people who have knowledge on the subject to answer. Why do people answer questions they don’t know the answers to?Once again…an idiotic answer that doesn’t tell me anything in reference to what I am asking. I honestly am fine with not being preggo. I thought about it and would like to wait till summer is over, but wasn’t thinking about all that when we decided to try to have a baby. I didn’t imagine my way into having bothersome teeth. I do believe you can start having symptoms if u believe u r pregnant, but that is not my case. I just wanted to know if anyone else had such a late period and got positive test results way later than people usually do and if anyone else experienced their teeth hurting during pregnancy. If you don’t know please don’t patronize me w/ what u think I need to know…just answer the question. Please I know there is intelligent life out there…and I hope you are reading this and can answer my question better than these fools.I liked Leah’s answer so far the best. Thank you for answering well. Someone thought I was being rude. Well, it’s frustrating when people on here say things that aren’t answering my question. I only try to answer questions I feel I can help with. The girl who said I was rude probably thought I was talking about Leah too and I wasn’t. I had not yet read her answer when I posted those details. But to the girl who thought I was rude…Thanks so much for answering my question…you obviously aren’t part of the intelligent life I was seeking!
A: My teeth never have hurt but one that will hurt is your gums. your gums tend to swell and bleed when you are pregnant. That happened to me before I even knew I was pregnant and was actually a sign of how I knew I was and came before all the other signs. Its hard to say bc all women are so differant but I do doubt that is what it is. Also, I took a few test as well and they were negative sometimes it just takes time ( but not months, lol). Wait until you have a missed period (stress and it will not come as well) then take it after a week if it has not came.
Could this be signs of an STD or pregnancy?! help!?
Q: I am really scared and need your help / advice so please answer truthfully and helpfully! About 3 weeks ago I traveled to Ireland, got really drunk one night and ended up having sex with someone I barely knew (not very responsible of me). I remember he put on a condom but at one point removed it. I then made him put another one on but there was that small amount of time when we were having sex without a condom. I also don’t remember details of what happened, so don’t know if the condom ripped or anything like that. I do know that he didn’t finish inside of me (or at least without the condom on) just because I didn’t feel anything in me afterwards and the next morning. Before this had happened I was waiting for my period which was late, and the morning after we had sex I got my period. A day later the gums in my mouth were really sore (almost impossible to brush my teeth!) and a few days after that they bled a little bit when I brushed them. Also, a couple of days after we had sex my vagina became itchy and one time it hurt to urinate. I showed my brother a picture of the guy I had sex with and he said it looked like he had herpes on his mouth. I still keep in touch with the guy and asked him if he had herpes and he said it was just cold sores which he had been getting since he was younger! Also, he said he had been tested for std’s and was clean. I don’t know how much of this I can believe because he is someone I barely know! Also he seems as though he may be into drugs and is drunk all the time so I am really worried he might not be as clean as he says. Also, I was telling my sister before what happened and she said I may even be pregnant because of the sore gums and itchy vagina symptoms. Please help!! What do you think this is? Is it anything at all to worry about or am I could it really just be a yeast infection and sore gums from a virus or something like that? I am symptom-free right now.Thanks.
A: Girl, really it could be a number of things. Yeast, STD, bladder infection, pregnant. The best thing to do it to go get tested. And about this guys which most have had those drunkin nights, but your right if you dont know him he could tell you anything. Be safe for your own good go get tested, and dont feel bad your not the only person this has happened to.
could i be pregnant and have my period?
Q: me and my husband are trying to get pregnant(only started trying this month)we had sex a day or two before my suppose ovulations whish is august 5 and i currently done my period today its was heavy and very painful.(i do have a cyst which can cause pregnancy symptoms near ovulation and the beginning of your period)(my cyst is only on my right side)now today which is pretty much my last day of my period(spotting) .yesterday my breast where very tender and they hurt,but today i woke up dizzy,tired and my breast still hurt,i tried brushing my teeth and almost threw up 4 to 5 times.yes you can have your period and be pregnant because when i first conceive with my daughter i had a regular period so i didn’t know i was pregnant until she attached 3 days after my period is anyone having this problem?i’ve been of the pill for about 4 months
A: I was 4 months preg when I found out and i had my periods and taking the pill nothing was unusual and also had a cyst and fibroid everybody is different you best bet would consult a doctor there can be more going on because of cyst or your just ovulating sometimes when we want something so bad our body goes Thur the motion take a preg blood test is the most accurate
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