Did the half ton mom die

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Two weeks after surgery Renee Williams had a heart attack and they couldn’t revive her because of her obesity. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/did-the-half-ton-mom-die ]
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Did the half ton mom die
Two weeks after surgery Renee Williams had a heart attack and they couldn’t revive her because of her obesity. ChaCha!
How did the Half Ton Mom die?
Two weeks after surgery she had a heart attack and they couldn’t revive her because of her obesity. Quite sad….people need to realize that obesity is not an individual problem but rather a societal problem.
Who is known as “half ton mom”?
“The Half Ton Mom was Renee Williams of Austin, TX.” Renee Williams, an American woman from Austin, Texas was the heaviest woman in the world at the time of her death in 2007, aged 29, due to morbid obesity. She was “super-mo…

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How did the Half Ton Mom die?
Q: missed the part in the show on how she died? Was it during the surgery? What happened???
A: she died of a heart attack 2 weekss after.
Did anyone watch Half-ton mom, dad and teen last night?
Q: I watched that last night and it was really sad, especially when the mom died. What were your thoughts on the show?
A: It was really a very old story…..a re-run….But it was the turth of how people just eat…eat…eat….eat and eat and not realizing the body is not made for that…..just sad!!!
did anybody else see half ton mom, wednesday evening C4?
Q: So shocked she died after just 2 weeks! Personally though I think that there should be more people who are educated on the topic of healthy eating, diet, exercise etc getting to these people ie obese, slighty over weight before they reach that weight size etc so that they wont need to have these operations and put their lives at risk and cost the NHS etc! nowdays there are too many people around the world that are obese and the problem needs to be tackeld head on! For one of my spanish essays i’m writing about obesity in young infants in Spain and am shocked to find that a country that used to pride it’s self on a healthy med diet has been converted into a mini America! (not offending America, just stating afact that obesity started there and has gradually reached places like spain and even great britian and it’s a world wide epidemic) what are your thoughts etc.
A: I dont think that fast food causes obesity, you can get obese on lettuce if you eat enough of it. The real problem is that people are not educated enough on how weight gain happens and alot of people dont have the motivation to lose weight.Most people today are under the impression that ‘fatty foods make you fat’, but its not necessarily fat that causes weight gain, its carbohydrates. People are consuming too much energy, more than their daily needs and excess energy is what causes weight gain most of the time. Fast food is higher in calories, so you are more likely to gain weight and become obese if you live on Mcdonalds rather than salad but it all depends on what type of metabolism you have. I eat at Mcdonalds and Burger king etc… quite alot and I wouldnt consider my diet to be perfect, but I do balance it out and have the ‘all things in moderation’ attitude, and I am tall and slim. Some other people wouldnt get away with eating what I eat so people need to know how much food THEY should be consuming everyday.Banning fast food adverts on TV wont make any real difference in my opinion, and people have the right to choose where and what they want to eat.
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