Do toes grow back

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Toes will not grow back if lost, but some surgeries can replace them with other body parts, or sometimes they can be reattached. [ Source: ]
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Do toes grow back
Toes will not grow back if lost, but some surgeries can replace them with other body parts, or sometimes they can be reattached.
Will my leopard geckos toes grow back ?
Toes to not grow back. Once the skin has constricted the toe and caused necrosis, there is no way to form a new toe. They aren’t like newts or salamanders. What you should be worried about is providing a humid hide to your leo so this doesn…
When leopard geckos lose their toes, do they grow back??
yes, i have a female leopard gecko, and when i bought her, she had one toe missing, it took almost 3 years for it to grow back compleatly.

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Will my leopard gecko’s toes grow back? Or did I cripple the guy. :(?
Q: I’ve had the guy for about two months now. I was cleaning his cage today. and somehow during putting him into his holding cage, he lost three toes on his right front leg. I didn’t think they grow back. but is there hope? will they grow back?
A: Their tails will grow back, but not their toes. I’m not really sure what to do in this situation, so I would suggest calling a vet. Be sure to watch for any sign of infection.
Will a Bearded Dragon grow it’s toes back?
Q: After answering a couple questions I figure it’s time to ask one of my own. I have a baby BD, about 4 inches long. My first but he’s very healthy. I work at Petco and monitored the 6 hatchlings we received n’ outta the 6 he (I’ve sexed it) was the largest, most active, and alert. Besides, he had really great looking orange spikes that the others didn’t :). Anyway, he’s growing rapidly n’ I know I’m caring for him properly, this wasn’t an impulse purchase. However, I’ve noticed he’s missing one toe from each limb. On his front he’s missing the equivalent of our index finger (each side). His hind he’s missing the equivalent of our middle toe (each side as well). They’re not all the way to the nub and appear to be growing back very slowly, but I can’t tell for sure. Does anyone know for sure if he’ll regrow ’em? Thanks in advance.
A: That’s the problem with keeping young beardies together–they tend to nip off toes and tail tips because they are clumsy eaters and can be aggressive towards one another. He will not grow them back, but should not be adversely affected by not having them. One of my girls is missing two toes and she gets around fine.
Do Tokay Geckos grow back toes?
Q: My tokay was bitten in the foot by another male and as a result, lost 3 of his fingers. He is healing up fine, it seems but I am wondering if he will grow back toes like he would his tail?Well, we immediatly seperated him from the other Geckos 9there are 5). We originally thought that two males in one enclosure might be a problem, but the breeder who sold them to us said that it would not be a problem. The jerk. So I guess now my beloved Maynard is going to have to live with just 2 toes on that foot. Thanks for the help guys.
A: No they won’t. I recommend separating your tokays to prevent this from happening again in the future. Males should never be housed in the same enclosure, as just like other geckos, they will fight, and can often lead to death.
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